فروشگاه اینترنتی کیف و کفش
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فروشگاه اینترنتی کیف و کفش

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Important things about how to choose shoes and how to clean shoes. How to set up interesting and readable shoes and pants and materials on the bottle site.

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The most important characteristics of hiking shoes:

1. The heel of the walking shoes should not be too thick; this type of heel will cause your foot to bite into the ground, which in addition to slowing down your movement, will increase the possibility of leg pain after walking. The heel of the shoe must be quite soft and stable, avoiding the vertical or horizontal movement of the foot; A heel that is very soft is not recommended, as the absorption force of the shoe will decrease and cause muscle and leg pain. Cumin shoes should not be slippery.

2. When you walk, the first kick will hit your heel, and then the kick will turn from heel to toe, so there will be a flexible cushion that allows you to bend your toes more easily. You need in your walking shoes.

3. Shoes should be soft and foamy to reduce the pressure that shoes put on your feet, which is important during long walks.

4. Light weight is also one of the important characteristics of walking shoes. It is definitely a mistake to choose heavy leather walking shoes, depending on the season, the breathability of the footwear and an adequate tolerance to cold and water penetration are important.

5. Adjusting the size of the shoe is undoubtedly one of the most important things when walking. When walking, the size of your foot will increase in length and width (about 1 cm), so there is enough space in the paw The leg is very important, so there is about 1 cm between the toes and feet. shoes, and the width of the shoes will allow you to move freely. Shoes should not stick to your feet, especially the bony arch near your foot.

6. It is the best time to buy walking shoes at night, when you are a little silly as a result of your footwork or daily activities, make sure you make the same shoe when you buy the shoes you are looking for for walking. In the wrap, the sock can have a dramatic effect on the size of your shoulder.

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