2 ways to protect yourself when the economy crashes

2 ways to protect yourself when the economy crashes

In recent years, the Fed’s only response was to pump huge amounts of money into the economy, the stock markets, and devalue the currency. Now another crisis in the US is imminent, but how can you protect yourself from such a calamity?

Free markets no longer exist, but people looking for a good place to invest should look at commodities. The reason is that there has been little investment and productive capacity in the last 30 years. This has been happening at the same time that demand has been on the rise. But even if the demand did not increase, the supply continues to decrease. This always leads to a long-term bull market.

It is always difficult to time these events, especially when we saw silver go up 25% in a few months. Whenever this kind of thing happens, it must be correct. But the reason we saw a dramatic increase in price was due to CME increasing the margin requirements by 4-5 times. When ever that happens. it makes prices go down for a while.

This is not the end of the silver bull market that is likely to continue; in fact, any drop that we currently see in the silver markets should be used as a buying opportunity. Markets like gold and silver are always good as they are considered a good hedging investment against currency devaluation.

Silver has industrial uses, in fact, there are now more than ever. One only has to look at the actions of Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve to see that the US dollar currency is degrading in the medium to long term. Therefore, it is advisable to keep all investments in gold and silver in the future.

The central bank blames everyone but itself. But in fact they are helping with the debasement of the US dollar. Ben Bernanke has been wrong in everything he has said for the last 8 years. In fact, he is a great contrarian indicator. They have been printing money as if it were going out of fashion; he is splashing around, and he has to go somewhere.

There are a lot of problems going around the US right now. This was a country where you could buy 4 or 5 houses with no money down and no job. Banks then turned this into more leverage using risky and high-risk investments. Let’s say you live in China right now. In China you can’t even buy a house with work and no down payment. America was doomed from the start of the real estate boom.

Normally, when a country begins to sink, it is usually its currency and its bonds that begin to sell off. So this will only add to the strength of gold, silver and other commodities in the long run.

There are not many people prepared for what is coming. A total collapse in the economy and the social system of the United States. While many people continue to present their views on how to fix the problem, the damage has already been done. A crisis is going to come whether we like it or not. Governments have put us in this situation. They’re not really in control of the situation. Governments are not taking the steps they need to take to solve this crisis.

Governments could do the right thing, cut spending and try to fix the problems right now. But they are not likely to allow this to happen. If your actions continue, you will see the gold and silver markets outperform all expectations. If you think it’s too late to join the party, think again. This crisis is just beginning and there is plenty of time to take action.

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