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Word of the day | Dropshipping on the rise

The Economic Inspectorate of the FPS Economy has already received half as many reports about problems with online orders than for the whole of 2019. A separate category of deception that is on the rise is ‘dropshipping’. A total of 14,404 reports have already been received this year, compared to 9,454 last year. That equates […]


Much mocked “Department Store Austria” cost 627,000 euros | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Wirtschaftsministerin Margarete Schramböck (ÖVP) versprach Verbesserungen. © HELMUT FOHRINGER Vienna – The currently much criticized online retailer directory “Kaufhaus Österreich” from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Chamber of Commerce cost a total of 627,000 euros, the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced to the APA on Tuesday. The transaction was carried out via existing […]

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Mental health in crisis: what to do now

The last few months have been tough. The corona crisis causes insecurities, fears or depression for many people. But there are ways not to become hopeless even in these times and to do something good for yourself and your own psyche. DER STANDARD speaks regularly to experts and asks them for advice during these difficult […]