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Word of the day | Dropshipping on the rise

The Economic Inspectorate of the FPS Economy has already received half as many reports about problems with online orders than for the whole of 2019. A separate category of deception that is on the rise is ‘dropshipping’. A total of 14,404 reports have already been received this year, compared to 9,454 last year. That equates […]


Much mocked “Department Store Austria” cost 627,000 euros | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Wirtschaftsministerin Margarete Schramböck (ÖVP) versprach Verbesserungen. © HELMUT FOHRINGER Vienna – The currently much criticized online retailer directory “Kaufhaus Österreich” from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Chamber of Commerce cost a total of 627,000 euros, the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced to the APA on Tuesday. The transaction was carried out via existing […]