Cardboard scarcer and more expensive due to corona

January 29, 2021 Today at 17:27 In several European regions, garbage collectors collect less paper due to the strict corona measures. This makes cardboard 15 percent more expensive. E-commerce packages, egg cartons and other cardboard products are becoming scarcer. Anyone who wants to buy eggs in a Delhaize supermarket today has a high chance of […]


Audi Quattro: Stick to the floor thanks to technology | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Ein Fest für die Sinne: Audi mit Quattro-Technologie. © AUDI AG By Markus Höscheler Ingolstadt, Innsbruck – With so much traction, Audi could understandably easily take off: The four-ring brand has been promoting its Quattro all-wheel drive in various series vehicles for four decades with overwhelming success – almost eleven million cars have been equipped […]


A skier comes face to face with a capercaillie

In life there are unforgettable encounters, the one this skier had in the Dolomites falls into this category. The images of this beautiful meeting would have been shot in Italy, in the Dolomites. This skier came face to face with a capercaillie, a very discreet species, while on a cross-country ski outing. The gallinaceous, which […]