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Parenting During a Pandemic

The pandemic has changed all of our lives and for the past few weeks family members have been together at home due to self-isolation requirements. I have come to realize that those who are experiencing great frustration are the parents of school-age children and their teachers, who are not allowed to be together in the […]


Sowing friends on social media: Why is it important?

There are numerous small businesses, organizations, and groups trying to cultivate an online audience. Many of these business owners are using social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to develop a following online. For now, setting up business pages and accounts on these sites is free and relatively easy. If membership and visibility […]


GMC Yukon Hybrid review: the pros and cons

The 2009 GMC Yukon Hybrid has been described as “stunning”, “dazzling” and “magnificent” by critics and owners alike. They’re not talking about the Yukon Hybrid’s performance, amenities, or looks, though they’re all average or superior. Instead, they are talking about the fuel economy figures they see with this rugged hybrid. GM’s two full-size 2009 hybrid […]