Essential skills for running a business from home

When thinking about starting a home business, there are several business areas to consider before making a final decision. It’s easy to get excited (I know I’ve been there) and move on without really thinking about the long-term ramifications of starting and running the long-term business. Starting a business takes time to get going and, […]


Build your own electric supercharger

Building and installing a homemade electric supercharger in your car is not as crazy as it may sound. There are several sites on the web with information available on these types of projects. Some of the information is available for free, but expect to pay for more detailed plans and information. When deciding between a […]

Digital Marketing

The types of cartoon creation

Caricature is an effective illustration tool that graphic artists as well as fashion designers can use in the design of visual communication products such as magazines, posters, billboards, etc. Basically, there are five types of cartoons. These are gag, comic, animated, editorial, and illustrative cartoons. Each of the types has its different uses in the […]


Extract money from Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox game that has had many creative and adaptive uses for both recreational and commercial uses. As a result, Minecraft server hosting has become popular. However, it costs a lot to run and maintain your own servers. Here are six ways to raise money as a host for those of you who […]