Teach your child responsibility

The problem with being a parent is that there really are no set “classes” that cover all the myriad problems one may face when becoming one. This article will deal with the problems of motivating children to do their chores. Consider the plight of the working mother, who is absent 8 hours a day plus […]


How to control earwigs naturally

They feed at night and look for dark, cool, and humid places to hang out during the day. Some common hiding places are under organic matter such as mulch, pine straw, litter and other debris, loose wood chip mulch, decaying matter, rotten fruit on the ground, wood, boards or tree branches that are on the […]

Health Fitness

Calories Burned With The Brazilian Butt Lift

Are you worried about weight loss? Are you dreading swimwear season? The extra calories burned with the Brazil Butt Lift program can accelerate your weight loss. Decisions about weight loss are often accompanied by a quick trip to the doctor’s office for professional and acceptable advice. A diet plan and guidelines are provided with a […]

Legal Law

Rhode Island Divorce Strategy, From Finding an RI Attorney to Filing for Divorce by an RI Attorney

The first step in obtaining a divorce from your spouse is to find a Rhode Island attorney with whom you are comfortable. Many attorneys provide free initial consultations, while others charge for the first consultation. I have always taken the position that initial consultations will be free. It is important to ask the proposed attorney […]


Chronicles of Madness – Episode 35

In our episode 35 of Madness Chronicles, we will see the insanity of Congress that makes the rich rich.. Remember, insanity is a state of mental illness, gross and extremely foolish behavior, and a frenzied or chaotic form of activity. Let’s take a look at the insanity of Congress taking over. In the massive HEROES […]