Who Is Eligible For a Scarp?

Eligible For a Scarp Small and medium companies can apply for SCARP. The process will cost less than liquidation and is better for creditors. After the company’s directors have submitted a Statement of Affairs, a Process Advisor will review it, and the directors will vote to start SCARP. This plan will include a 21-day cooling-off […]

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Energy Therapy Techniques

Energy Therapy and how to use it. Fluff & Tuck (cleanse the auric field) Draw the hands down from head to toe, 4 to 6 inches from the body. His hands are like rakes, sensing any break in the field, hot, cold, sticky or tingly. Feel the changes in density. Do six or eight passes […]


Article ideas for June

It’s hot outside (depending on where you live), and I bet you’d rather hang out by the pool than struggle with article ideas, right? Well, if you need some article suggestions for June, I think I’ve got a few to get you moving in the right direction. These are all article ideas based on holidays […]