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3 reasons why you should write a new resume today

Over the last decade, the quality of resume writing has increased dramatically. This is due to the amount of free information you can find online. There are many CV writing guides and tips out there to help anyone who wants to improve their application, and this has taken quality to a whole new level.

Because of this, employers now expect higher quality CVs, leaving anyone who hasn’t brooded online in the past. The old style of writing a CV is no longer good enough and it is now more difficult than ever to get an interview.

If you’re worried your CV is failing you, here are 3 great reasons why you should write a new CV today.

it’s too generic

If your current CV is simply a list of all your skills, qualifications, and experience, read on. This approach to resume writing is out of date and won’t impress anyone. But what will help you land a job interview is tailoring your application.

To find out if your CV is too generic, grab a marker pen and print out a copy of your CV. After reading the job advertisement, you should have a good idea of ​​the skills and experience they require. Then highlight any information that is not relevant to the employer that you are submitting as well. After highlighting all the irrelevant bits, you probably already have most of your information in yellow!

Like many other resumes, you should find that most of your information will not be of interest to the employer. Now that you’re looking at a huge sea of ​​yellow or pink highlighters, you can see why a generic, personalized resume isn’t going to get you an interview.

Now would be a good time to start over completely from scratch. Keep your old CV so you have all your employment history, but create a new one that now takes into account what the company wants.

You must adapt your CV to the position and the company if you want to be successful. The hiring manager wants to pick up the application from him and instantly see that you are a good fit. A generic resume will force them to read between the lines, and most of the time they won’t bother.

you only update

If you keep the same CV and just update it every time you change jobs, you definitely need a new CV. Your tired old CV will continue to lose popularity with its design and content.

“Tailor your CV. Look at the company’s website and social media accounts, see if they’ve recently been mentioned in the local press, and use the job advertisement to make sure your CV is targeted to the position and the employer.”

We have already covered the topic of tailoring your CV to the role and by doing so you will prevent this from happening. You don’t need to keep making small updates if you always write a new CV every time you apply. Even if you’re applying to multiple employers for the same job title, you still need to write a new one for each one; There will always be differences, no matter how subtle they may seem.

So stop doing small updates and start fresh. It will make sure your information is relevant and up to date, and you can also choose a new layout for your design. This leads to…

You have not used a CV template

A resume template is a ready-to-use design that you can use to simply insert your details. Not only will it save a lot of time and stress, it will look great!

Unless you’re a graphic designer or have a keen eye for this kind of thing, you should always choose a ready-made resume template. You just have to make sure that you choose a good one and avoid any unauthorized websites. Unfortunately, not every resume template website you come across offers the best designs, but hopefully you’ll be able to filter the good from the bad.

There are many modern designs to choose from and most are free to download. If you can find one that is recent and clearly looks fantastic, it will certainly help you land a job interview. The overall layout and design of your CV is just as important as the skills you have to offer.

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