5 useful tips for camping with a dog
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5 useful tips for camping with a dog

Sometimes when you love camping, you want everyone special to you to experience it too. This includes your furry friends. It might seem overwhelming at first, but when done right, it could become one of the most memorable outdoor trips ever. Dogs love the outdoors, so it’s a given that they’ll enjoy this type of trip.

Here are some very helpful tips to try when camping with a dog:

Find a dog-friendly campsite

It makes good sense to do your research on the camp you plan to visit. Check their rules and regulations, especially regarding the entry of pets. Better yet, call ahead to make sure! Many campsites allow pets, you don’t want to go to one that isn’t, so it’s best to check and make sure before making any plans.

Prepare your dog’s documents

While many campgrounds are now pet friendly, some require verification of pet documentation, so make sure you have them to save yourself the trouble. Bring your ID tags, license (make sure it’s up to date!), and immunization papers. Organize it in a folder so it’s easy to get out of your bag. These documents can also be useful in case an emergency situation occurs during your trip.

Pack a first aid kit for your dog

Carrying a first aid kit for your pet is just as important as bringing your own. Being in the woods, your dog’s curiosity can peak and he may eat or come across things he shouldn’t, putting him at greater risk of choking, illness, poisoning and the like. Having a specific pet kit and guide will be extremely helpful in case of emergency situations.

The basic pack for dogs

In addition to the basics (enough food, water, blankets, toys, poop bags, etc.), bring a strong leash, tie-down, and stake. Some campgrounds have leash areas and there may be times when your pet needs to be secured even if they are not used to wearing one. In addition, it is ideal to carry collapsible feeders and drinkers so that your dog can carry them easily, especially if you are going to do a lot of walks.

Book a visit to the vet

As human beings, we need to make sure that we are healthy enough to take a trip. The same goes for our furry friends. At the vet visit, make sure your flea and tick prevention/medication is up to date.

Remember, you are responsible for your dog’s actions, as well as its well-being outside of your home. Keep these dog camping tips next time you visit the great outdoors!

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