A deer walks among the buildings and jumps into the water to reach an island: the surprising video by Charlotte Deborsu

We are not the only ones adapting our behavior and our way of life during this period of the coronavirus pandemic.

The tranquility and the lack of human presence caused by the confinement seem to give wings to some animals.

This is particularly the case with this small deer captured on video by Charlotte Deborsu, alderman of the Living Environment and Population of the city of Namur.

We can observe the deer wandering among the buildings of La Plante before jumping into the water to reach Île Vas-t’y-Frotte, describes the alderman on her Facebook post.

There are so many houses around the island that it stays confined thereshe wrote in response to a comment that worried the beast might not be able to return to its forest.

She also explains that an investigation is underway in order to keep an eye on the animal’s situation and that it does not drag on too long away from its usual place of life.

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