A sailboat guided the stranded dolphin in the port of Amsterdam to the North Sea

Members of the SOS Dolfijn Foundation guided the dolphin on Sunday who found himself in the port of Amsterdam on Saturday.

The goal now is to get him to swim through the locks to reach the North Sea at Ijmuiden. This bottlenose dolphin, which received the name Zafar, arrived in Amsterdam following a cargo ship from France. The animal swam for three days next to this boat, crossing the locks.

An attempt to bring the dolphin back to Ijmuiden with another boat failed. The decision was then taken to use a sailboat, pulled by a tug, to allow the animal to pass the locks again and reach the sea.

Zafar is a dolphin who normally lives in Brittany. These bottlenose dolphins are social animals that live at sea. A port is by no means a natural environment for them, which can cause health problems.

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