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America’s Cup: still perfect equality between Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa (3-3)

Like Friday, the Italians won the first regatta of the day, while the New Zealanders reacted in the next to restore the tie: 3-3. The duel is intense!

VSike the first two days, the race was decided from the start. But this time, the two boats did not appear in front of the line “stuck” to each other. In a weak wind of 7 to 8 knots (if there is no more than 6.5 knots, the competitions are postponed), Luna Rossa crossed the line of regatta n ° 5 with 9 seconds ahead of its rivals (unable to maneuver earlier), to have… 32 in advance at the first buoy after having taken advantage of a better windy part of the basin! While neither crew made any mistakes afterwards, the Kiwis gradually came closer to finish 18 seconds behind their rivals.

More than a minute and a half early!

While this weak wind is supposed to benefit the Italians, we could expect a copy / paste in the second regatta of the day (the 6th of this 36th edition). It was not, because this time, it was the New Zealanders who presented themselves in a better position in front of the starting line, and crossed it with a lead over the Italians relatively comparable to that recorded during the previous regatta. .

While the wind had strengthened slightly (10 knots), the New Zealanders did not go into detail by passing the first buoy with 51 seconds in advance, then peaking their advantage at 1min41 on the finish line!

Quiet at the start

“Phew, this one was good!” “Exclaimed Blair Tuke (Team New Zealand),” the best way to end a very close day again. For his part, Francesco Bruni, who shares the helm with Jimmy Spithill, admitted having been blocked by the calm (almost non-existent wind) at the start: “We were caught in a bubble a little less windy at the time of departure which prevented us to join the line. Unable to redo the junction afterwards. “

In short, if the score is tight, it was not completely the same as regards the intensity of the two duels proposed this Saturday. Nevertheless, the Italians of Luna Rossa continue to surprise by supporting perfectly the comparison with the defender on his ground.

The continuation of this beautiful explanation: this Sunday (regattas 7 and 8). And while 7 victories are necessary to win the America’s Cup, we know that the verdict can still fall on Monday, at the end of the second regatta. But given the tight side of the debates, we have doubts …

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