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Are you a doormat Christian?

If so, why is it so? Why do you let people clean your boots all over the place? Who told you that this is the way Christians are supposed to live their lives? If you were to tell me that you read it in the Holy Scriptures, then I would say that there is something very wrong with your understanding of those Holy Scriptures. In fact, what I just said probably explains why you think you should live your life as a doormat Christian. The reason for this is because you rely on your own understanding of the Holy Scriptures, or worse, you rely on the ‘understanding’ of a ravenous wolf in a pulpit, in a ‘church’, in a city, close to you, right now. , and like a fool, you keep going there every week to get more boot dirt cleaned.

Proverbs 3: 5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart; And do not rely on your own prudence.

Sometimes I think that some Christians have an inherent desire for masochism. It is almost like a predetermined trigger that changes them to this mold and distorted way of thinking, that is, they are their own worst enemies.

Hard to believe? Yes, but it’s still true, sorry to say? So what can we do to alleviate this dire situation and rescue our brothers and sisters from these spiritual abusers and rescue them from those who hold our brothers and sisters in captivity and bondage to this perverted form of Christianity? Easy, we can teach you The Truth about freedom and life under the Glorious Grace of Yashua Anointed, because I’ll bet, whatever money you want, these poor souls are bogged down and trapped in a kind of graceless fellowship of ‘salvation by works’:

Eph 1: 6 to the praise of the glory of his grace, by which he made us accepted in the beloved.

This is what we should do:

1) Teach them that the Christian walk is about wearing the light yoke of Yashua Anointed, not a heavy, man-made yoke to keep the law, often caused by the Judaizers (killers of grace) who preach the still binding commandments. as in the Old Covenant mode – No Grace.

Matt 11:30 For my yoke it is easy, and my load is light.

2) Teach them that we are kings in formation; a Royal Priesthood with power and authority. This is the same power and authority, to preach the Good News, that the Messengers (apostles) had in the first century. What, even including miracles? Yes, even including miracles, because having lost the True Gospel, he has killed the Grace and Faith necessary for these miracles to occur. For miracles to occur, there must be Faith: Powerful Faith. Peter had that Faith that even his shadow would heal people, something unheard of today, but why? The other reason for powerless Christians is their birth into the pagan trinity as erroneously and falsely cited in Matthew 28:19. (Please see my reveal articles: “Should Christians Be Baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ Alone? – Parts 1 – 3” for more details).

Revelation 1: 6 and made us kings and priests to God and his Father; to the to be glory and empire forever and ever. Amen.

1 Peter 2: 9 But you is it so a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; so that you may announce the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light;

3) Teach them that we have the mind of Christ and teach them that being meek is not being weak, liberal or flabby. (Laodicea) Meekness means “Spiritual Power under control”, not weak weakness.

1 Cor 2:16 For who has known the mind of the Lord, to instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.

4) We need to teach them that Christianity is not human or man initiated and motivated doing worldly and liberal good. Driven by guilt, wringing their hands, liberal benefactors invariably get their reward (s) in this life, because often these charitable activities are accompanied by notoriety and fame. True compassionate acts of Christian kindness and love often go unnoticed and often take place quietly in the background, and only the recipients of this love know anything about it.

5) Most important of all, we must teach them that there should be no man (or woman, as is often the case these days) in authority who rules over them. As Christian brothers and sisters, we are all equal in the eyes of the Father. The first century church was egalitarian in composition.. The elders, pastors, and bishops were simply overseers, like shepherds protecting their flocks. Furthermore, Paul never took ‘rank’ unless there were troublesome elements within the church area, and discipline was required to bring them back onto the narrow path or, in some cases, return them to Satan. He never sent faithful brothers and sisters, because there was no need. Well, so if Paul was not dominating the flocks or the churches, why have we, then, today, often skipped little upstarts, straight out of their seminaries and Bible colleges, who don’t know the message of the True anyway? Gospel? , coming to the local congregations, giving his full weight and ruling the roost over the Royal Priests and the Kings in the making? In any case, they should come in and sit down, be quiet and listen to those who already teach within that congregation, the ones who, most likely, have the spiritual gift of teaching.

So what is the point I am making here? The point is that the Christian doormat syndrome begins with abuse from the pulpit and that spirit then permeates the entire congregation, through example, and the elders also adopt high-sounding ideas about themselves and take on airs of superiority.

This system is known as the system of the ‘Nicolaitans‘, from’unique‘rule and’milks‘the laity – to “rule over the laity.”

Rev 2:15 So also you have those who hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which I hate.

Yashua Anointed (The Lord Jesus Christ) hates the pecking order system, because this pecking order arrangement is like a cancer and sooner or later it will contaminate the whole group, with those at the bottom of the pecking order pile, in abusive reception. finish continuously. By those at the bottom I mean those who are poor and spiritually fragile and have probably already been abused outside in their day-to-day lives, so they need to build up, not tear down little by little. Lenin gold Stalins they strut like they are something special within the congregation.

Now here we come to the problem; Are you one of these unfortunate people, because I know you exist? Have I witnessed his mistreatment as a first-hand witness? Well, not you personally, but people like you, so if you are one of these unfortunate people, you have no need to stay in that kind of environment, as it is not a godly environment. On the contrary, it is a demonic environment and you are responsible for your spiritual well-being and it is your responsibility to respond in the correct way and leave without delay. Don’t worry about those you will leave behind, because they are also responsible for their own spiritual well-being. You must leave them to their own devices and, hopefully, with your powerful example, they will follow you. Always remember, you are not a doormat, you are a Christian, a son or daughter of God born of God (born again), who will eventually judge the angels, so you are being trained for positions of great responsibility and high authority in the Kingdom of God and, that is, when the true era of authority begins for us as royal kings and priests.

Now that you have addressed the ‘church’ leadership / congregation element for this issue, but what about teaching That gives rise to this miserable state of affairs, because without a doubt, this is where it originates. The problem words here are “humility” and its misapplication and / or abuse, and with it, the “lightning bolt in the eye” guilt trick. Yes, we humble ourselves and in baptism, but then Yashua Anointed (The Lord Jesus Christ) lifts us out of the water as new people, new men and women, we do not remain in that condition of humility. If we do, it becomes a kind of permanent humiliation or false humility (like Dickens’s “Uriah Heep“) and we cannot build spiritual confidence and boldness and then become useful people to Yashua’s Anointed (The Lord Jesus Christ). This permanent ‘broken’ condition leaves us open to attack. We are very vulnerable. Abusers will argue if we do so Let’s not be humble, we will become proud, and that is nonsense. Of course we will not become proud because, like Paul, all of our boasting will be in Yashua Anointed (The Lord Jesus Christ), not ourselves.

Let me tell you now, that all my spiritual growth has taken place since I left the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion. Yes, I learn things in their midst but, above all, how not to do things, and without a doubt I would not be where I am today without having experienced all those blasphemous mistakes, so it had its uses, although only in the negative.

Okay, the ‘lightning bolt in the eye’ guilt trick. This is one of their favorites and they will use it all the time to keep you down with any guilt, for any situation, on your shoulders and not theirs. They do it so you can’t correct them, even when they ask. What they do not realize, however, is that Yashua Anointed was speaking to those who were still under the Law when he said those words. Everything was conditional, you remove the sins from your life before correcting your brother with his sins. We now live under His Grace and ALL of our sins have been dealt with, forgiven, but if you are being spiritually bullied and bullied in your congregation, just tell them you have none of it, and they will repent. Or you leave. Make no mistake, you are not judging these people, because drawing obvious conclusions is not judging. Judging is always making assumptions about people without you knowing the proof or evidence about them, or drawing the wrong conclusions and then judging. That is judging, and that is the actual “lightning bolt in the eye” situation.

Moving on, the other measure we can follow is abundance. Is your life full of abundance and, if not, why not? Because Yashua Anointed (the Lord Jesus Christ) promised us that abundance.

John 10:10 The thief does not come, but to steal, kill, and destroy; I have come so that they have life and have that more abundantly.

Nor do I necessarily mean financial wealth here. Life can be abundantly full in many other ways, but not so if you are a doormat Christian. The doormat Christian lifestyle is a miserable lifestyle and there is very little joy in it and there is rarely abundance, because those around you will make sure you never get any and if you do they will make you feel guilty if you don’t. you give. all away or tell you that you are too happy to be a Christian. For these people, Christianity is a bag and ashes every day.

I have covered this topic in some way in two other articles titled “Are You Living the Crucified Life?” and “As a Christian, are you dying every day?” These two articles will reveal how certain negative types of miserable Christians can drag you down, and before you know where you are, you’re a doormat Christian just like them. It’s so contagiousBelieve me, I have rubbed shoulders with them myself, in the past, and they are not good company. So break free and start growing as a strong, independent Christian. You know it makes sense, because you’ll be strong and bold enough in the Lord and ready to really help others, including other doormat Christians, and boy, do they need your help?

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