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Austria co-production “Quo vadis, Aida?” excellent

The Austrian co-production, Jasmila Zbanic’s war drama “Quo vadis, Aida?”, Was named Best Balkan Film at the 25th Sofia International Film Festival. The film is in the running for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Film category for Bosnia-Herzegovina. “The Pink Cloud” by Brazilian director Iuli Gerbase was chosen as the best film in Sofia on Saturday evening.

“Quo vadis, Aida?” was chosen by an international jury chaired by the Israeli producer and director Doron Eran. The Bosnian Zbanic has also been nominated for the British Film Awards (BAFTAs) as best director for her work. In the film, Zbanic looks at one of the repressed, forgotten traumas of recent history: the Srebrenica massacre.

At that time, around 8,000 men and boys were killed by Serbian troops in the 1995 war in Bosnia in the Muslim enclave of Srebrenica. The troops had previously simply overrun the UN protection zone. To date, not all bodies have been recovered and identified. The largest massacre in Europe classified as genocide by the United Nations since the Second World War has not been fully dealt with in court either.

“Quo vadis, Aida?” is a co-production by eight countries. In addition to Bosnia and Austria, Romania, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, France and Norway were also involved. “The Pink Cloud” by the Brazilian Gerbase is a dystopia in which a mysterious pink cloud moves over the earth and kills people in a targeted manner.

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