Belgian girl finds dream job in Australia

Ten years ago, Lisa Rose established a kangaroo refuge in the town of Pilbara, Australia. After a week, she already had to take care of a dozen orphan kangaroos, coming from the pockets of kangaroos killed in road accidents or by hunters. Since then, the center has rehabilitated and released 500 animals, but despite some forty volunteers, the center is not doing well.

Its director recently had an idea: to advertise an au pair to come and live there, with the kangaroos. A job that has something to dream of more than one!

It is a Belgian tourist who, stranded in Australia by the coronavirus, answered the call and joined the center to take care of orphan kangaroos. Evelien Rosier, originally from Antwerp, tells us: “A month ago, I arrived here. I thought I would leave the next day“. While she was looking for something interesting to do in the area to keep herself busy, someone shows her the advertisement seeking to become a kangaroo au pair.”12 hours later, at 6:30 am, I was feeding baby kangaroos .. and since then, I haven’t stopped!“explains the young woman, who still thinks of staying a month on the spot.

In addition to feeding the kangaroos, I organize and structure the retreat. We are also doing fundraising requests and may be starting a fundraising campaign soon.“She also explains training the new volunteers who are currently arriving.

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