Belgium, rich in its athletes

After a catastrophic year for the sport, our representatives were successful in Torun.

The Belgian Tornados failed to add another medal to their exceptional record this Sunday at the end of the European Indoor Championships in Torun, Poland. But, and this is obviously indicative of the quality in our ranks, this in no way affects the superb record of our delegation, which returns to the country this Monday with no less than five medals, including two in gold, in the luggage! Results which place Belgium in fourth place in the medal ranking, behind the Netherlands (7 including 4 gold), Portugal (3 gold) and Great Britain (12 including 2 gold) but just ahead of a countries like France (4 medals including 2 in gold).

With thirty athletes present at the start of this Euro, Belgium had of course given itself the means, from a quantitative point of view, to achieve very good results. But this assessment is more revealing of the quality of our athletes at European level. Because if some will point out that there was a lack of big names during this competition, let’s not forget that athletes like Ismaël Debjani, Michael Obasuyi, Ben Broeders, Thomas Van der Plaetsen, Hanne Claes, Renée Eykens, Claire Orcel and the Belgian Cheetahs were not present. And they could certainly have played a prominent role also during this Euro.

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