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Blimlinger / Prammer: Start for trust agency against abuse of power

At the initiative of the Greens, those affected in the cultural and sports sectors receive a contact point

Vienna (OTS) At the request of the governing parties, the culture committee decided today, together with the SPÖ and the NEOS, to create a trust center for the areas of art, culture and sport. “The establishment of a trust center against abuse of power in the arts, culture and sports is urgently needed, as the incidents that arise continuously show. The trust center should act as the first point of contact for those affected and also have the opportunity to report to the sponsors. This is the only way for the job to have a general preventive effect, “emphasize the Greens ‘cultural spokesperson, Eva Blimlinger, and the Greens’ sports spokesperson, Agnes Prammer. The trust center should also be active in prevention work – together with the existing facilities.

Cases of abuse of power in the Austrian art, culture and sports business have repeatedly made negative headlines in recent years. Sexualized assaults in the ÖSV, the cause at the Erl Festival, the case of the ex-rector of the Mozarteum who was sentenced to imprisonment and ultimately the conditions in the ballet school of the Vienna State Opera have shown how authoritarian and patriarchal structures in art, culture and Exercise can lead to abuse. The parallels cannot be overlooked: Both in art and culture as well as in sport, rehearsals and training are intensive and isolated; there are often pronounced hierarchies and existential dependencies on higher-level decision-makers.

“We want to bring the representatives from art, culture and sport to the table as quickly as possible in order to clarify the substantive, but also the structural cornerstones and to put the trust center on a solid footing in the near future. Acceptance in the industry and presence in the population are particularly important to us, ”said Blimlinger and Prammer in the context of the committee.

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