Bowling games: low ball bowling, 3-6-9 bowling and more.
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Bowling games: low ball bowling, 3-6-9 bowling and more.

All three bowling games that I am going to mention are wonderful and fun versions of the game. They are, like all variations of bowling, in fact, similar to the basic and more well-known version of ten-pin bowling that we are familiar with. Nine tap bowling, or 3-6-9 bowling, or low ball bowling and more are all versions of the game that you can really start enjoying on a regular basis. Perfect for family fun, check out some of these games for yourself.

I’ll first talk about 9-pin bowling (also called the “nine touch” version). There are more ways to enjoy the sport of bowling than you probably know, because it is a very old sport with a long history. The basic concept of the sport of bowling has gone through a number of adaptations and evolutions through the ages, and certain variations tend to take hold in the cultures of the people who play the game.

Nine pin bowling is virtually identical to our favourite: basic ten pin bowling. However, there are two exceptions. A spare or ninepin knockdown counts as a strike, not a spare. The second exception is that some “splits” without a head pin will count as a spare in certain predetermined cases.

Another form of bowling is also popular with children, but there is certainly no age limit to the fun! This is called the 3-6-9 bowling method. When you play a game of 3-6-9 bowling, the setup is exactly the same as the regular ten point system. However, you automatically place strikes on frames 3, 6, and 9. My dad used to play with us, allowing us to use the 3-6-9 rule, even though he wouldn’t. Letting the kids win is fun sometimes I guess.

There is another form of bowling called Low-Ball Bowling, as well as a type of bowling called Beruit Bowling. Both are types of bowling that differ slightly from our more common methods, but are incredibly fun. Do you love bowling for recreation? Try new types of bowling. Check out more of my articles on bowling and the many types of bowling possible, especially to satisfy your recreational desires!

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