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Clink Around Democrats’ Economic Policies vs. Trickle Down Strategies: There’s Really No Difference

Many people continually criticize the Republican Party for what they call Trickle Down Economics or Reaganomics, yet as bitter and insightful as these people get, perhaps they miss the point. You see, if you give money to social programs, businesses and corporations get the money anyway in a few transactions and the poor keep their hand for another free fish the next day, still poor.

If you help businesses with incentives to help boost the economy or steer it where you want it to move slightly in that direction and hopefully those economic gains will drive lower prices and more market participants and jobs, therefore more competition and lower prices. Does this really work? No in the end all you’ve done is create a mechanism for crony capitalism through lobbyists but if you give money to the poor that doesn’t work either because you make people weak and helpless and relieving a government that never really you can give them anything they want, not to mention that leftist lobbyists, unions, for example, also unbalance the fairness of the game and that leads to wage inflation.

There was an interesting article recently in Star Dem [star] com, which is a democrat propaganda website spouting all sorts of socialist nonsense [in my opinion]. The article was titled; “The Trickle Economy Is Real” by Frank L. Miller of Denton and published on January 19, 2014, a light news Sunday, of course, since this kind of nonsense probably wouldn’t fly too much during the work week. because those in the know would hammer the article out very quickly. However, the article stated or attempted to imply the following;

“Thomas Sowell had me go there for a minute with the headline, ‘The Trickle Down Economic Lie.’ My first thought was that he was finally acknowledging that this economic theory was a dud. But no, he was actually suggesting that there was never thing, not even in JA Schumpeter’s 1000 page book. Well, according to Wikipedia, it’s about ‘tax breaks and other economic benefits for businesses and higher income levels to benefit the poorest members of society by improve the economy as a whole.’ Sound familiar? This is precisely what President George W. Bush did when he gave tax breaks to the wealthy, breaks that Republicans were willing to shut down the government to keep.

Now Trickle Down economics is a derogatory term used by donkey-driven Democrat political operatives, just like they used the “Bush Doctrine” of preference as if I thought of it, when it actually comes from early 1700 by Karl von Clausewitz in his treatises “On War”, which is still used in military strategies to this day and even Sun Tzu had spoken in similar terms in his writing “The Art of War” and this only proves how the democrats break the narrative and pepper the news and the internet with 7th grade level debate points, serving them to the mindless masses to try and convert people to their point of view and keep their supporters synergizing with the brain washed.

If you want to discuss this further, please email me, just don’t use the most common talking points, believe me, I’ve considered them all a long time ago, and those discussions turn out to be pretty irrelevant to reality. Please consider all this and think about it.

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