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Coronavirus: Marc Van Ranst pleads for strict containment

The virologist believes that additional measures will have to be taken by the next Concertation Committee.

By Editorial staff and Belga

LAdditional measures against the coronavirus which apply to schools as of today “are welcome,” virologist Marc Van Ranst (KU Leuven) told VTM Niews. But to reverse the upward trend, it will take more than strict measures in schools, warns the expert. It does not exclude strict containment.

“This increase is so huge that we will not achieve it by choosing a sector in which we will apply some measures,” he said. According to Marc Van Ranst, additional decisions will have to be taken by the next Concertation Committee. “Look at what the other countries are doing: in France and Germany, they are very clearly stepping up the measures, and in Italy, they are even taking lockdown-type measures. “

“At some point you will have no choice but to take tough action. “

On Friday, the virologist had already spoken on VTM Niews. “These measures are insufficient. If you want to take action, you have to take it now. Otherwise, you must hope. It is a strategy of hope and then all that remains is to sound the alarm “

“We are in a situation where it is still possible to maneuver, but after that, all that remains is to sound the alarm,” warned Marc Van Ranst. “It’s easy to do, though, but you don’t, do you?” “, He added, clearly disappointed.

“Politicians fear that the population does not want tougher measures. I understand that everyone has had enough, but what the population wants above all is for the situation to be resolved as soon as possible and half measures are not what works best ”.

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