Corporate and Commercial Law

Corporate and Commercial Law

There are many aspects of business that need to be processed legally. Corporate transactions must always follow legal processes to avoid conflicts between the people involved: finances, contracts, real estate, etc. Having said that, corporate lawyers therefore play an important role and this is the reason why business entities not only seek the advice of external business lawyers, but hire them as permanent members and function as part of their advice. legal. Business lawyers work to solve various corporate problems, including the following:

  • Compensation Issues: A corporate attorney can resolve compensation related issues between the employer and the employees; ensures that a business entity does not violate the law governing compensation/benefits for its employees, and at the same time also ensures that these benefits are not abused, which can be ‘fatal’ to the business itself when is not adequately addressed.
  • Business Formation – Starting a business involves many legal processes, including obtaining a business permit, leasing and other real estate contracts, establishing a specific business policy, etc. – a corporate lawyer can help to get all this on the right track.
  • Shareholders Agreement – ​​Also known as a Shareholders Agreement (in the US), this should be administered by an attorney skilled in corporate and business law, as it involves complexities of legality and finance. Other matters that corporate lawyers resolve are dispute resolution by arbitration, constitutional documents, the mechanism to remove minority shareholders, etc.
  • Corporate Financing – involves the management of monetary decisions, corporate takeover analysis, financial operation of a business that includes raising money for a variety of projects or business ventures. As complex as it is, a corporate lawyer can play an important role in participating in all the legal aspects involved in all the financial transactions that a company undertakes.
  • Regulatory Compliance – A corporate attorney may also engage in business compliance enforcement in accordance with existing rules and regulations required by law. This helps a company conduct its business without any conflict with existing policies set by the government, which could cause some problems in the future, such as criminal or civil penalties, when government policies are not followed.
  • Business Litigation – This is perhaps one of the biggest responsibilities a corporate lawyer can have on their shoulder; this involves settling legal disputes and business matters. Some of the matters handled by a corporate lawyer in commercial litigation are breaches of contract, class action lawsuits, labor disputes, dissolution of companies, breach of fiduciary duty, debt collection, among others.

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