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Der Formentor ist die Essenz der Marke Cupra. Der 310-PS-Bolide setzt auf emotionales Design und punktet beim puren Fahrerlebnis.

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From Stefan Pabeschitz

Munich – Less than three years ago, the term “top-motorized seats” became a brand of its own. Cupra is now presenting the first completely independent model. The Formentor hits the boom segment of compact crossover SUVs – fertile ground for generalists, but also for specialists. The Spanish excitement is clearly one of the latter, if only because of its expressive design, but also thanks to its performance orientation. 310 hp and 400 Newton meters on four driven wheels will be offered at the market launch. A 150 hp entry-level version with front-wheel drive will follow this year, and further versions with diesel and gasoline engines and at least one plug-in hybrid in the first quarter of 2021. An even more powerful Formentor, rumored to have a 5-cylinder turbo, is lurking in the starting blocks.

Of course, the new brand flagship is on the Volkswagen group platform MQB. The wheelbase of 2.68 meters is slightly more than that of the Leon or Golf, for example, which also benefits the space in the interior. It was used cleverly, the youngest Cupra is particularly driver-focused. A recurring element in the cockpit is the flat hexagon, with which, for example, instrument clusters and ventilation elements are designed. Despite the low seating position in the vehicle, the view is on the long, lengthwise sculpted hood, the lines of which flow towards the street – an appealing and successful style element.

“Cupra is not a brand that can only be explained, you have to experience it for yourself,” says Wayne Griffiths, newly appointed CEO of Seat and Cupra. A suggestion that one is happy to follow. The steering wheel deserves special praise for its design, functionality and, above all, two buttons: the start button and the Cupra button. The two-liter four-cylinder is a low-loader in normal operation, is quite civilized in performance and sound. It already proves that the machine basically has good manners in the Audi S3, in the Cupra the restraint just comes in a bolder way. Handling and responsiveness are extremely precise, but the longer wheelbase also brings aplomb.

Press the Cupra button on the valance for two seconds and the mode of the same name is already on, which activates the motor control, switching frequencies, all-wheel drive, steering and ESC. The hot Catalan therefore makes very little fuss in the advertisements, nothing more than a small logo overlay on the instrument panel.

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Acoustically rather – the Formentor clears its throat immediately and even if there is clearly no exhaust flap, but only a sound generator: The sound may not be completely authentic, but also not bad. In return, the SUV crossover tightens all muscles and falls light-footed into a straight gallop at the pedal command. To do this, he circles passionately through the curves and indicates the excess force, especially with ESC on leave, very dynamically, but with high safety reserves.

In mid-October, the 310 PS Formentor starts at 50,990 euros, the entry-level version with 150 PS is likely to be available a little later for just over 30,000 euros.

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