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Dental insurance could increase by up to 8.5%

Insurers and health insurance funds are authorized to adjust the premiums for individual hospital insurance, compulsory insurance and supplementary dental insurance annually to take account of the increase in health care costs.

“The change in the index for hospitalization in a single room is significantly lower than the change in the average reimbursement for this type of room.”

Lies Dobbelaere

Press Manager, Free Mutuals

However, if we refer to the medical index published on 1er July, the following maximum tariff increases are possible:
– Insurance dental care : + 8.5%
Outpatient care: + 8.04%
Hospital insurance : + 1.17% in a single room, +5% in a double room.

Age-related premiums

Some insurers charge bonuses different depending on age categories. Thus, dental care insurance for young people under 19 could be increased up to 6.9% and even 10% for 20-49 year olds. These are obviously the maximum authorized increases. Your insurance premium will therefore not necessarily increase in such proportions since mutuals and private insurers are free to compete.

+ 10%

The price of dental insurance

For 20-49 year olds, the increase could even go up to 10%

Annual due date

Adjustment of premiums (deductibles and conditions) intervenes at the annual expiration date of the contract. Indexation is then done either on the basis of consumer price index (which will reach 0.6% for 2020, June figure), i.e. on the basis of the medical index, if the evolution of it is higher.

No immediate increase

But when are these tariff increases likely to occur?
“At this stage, DKV has not yet taken a decision on this matter since the adjustments to the premiums of our individual contracts are only made on the 1ster January “, specifies Emmanuel de Talhouët, member of the management committee of DKV.

In AG Insurance, “for collective insurance taken out by employers (annual contracts), both in hospi and outpatient, we adopt a tailor-made approach. For individual contracts, we apply the medical index with the inflation rate as a minimum. We apply this mechanism by age group “, specifies Benoit Halbart, Director Marketing & Communication Employee Benefits / Health Care

On the side of Free mutual funds, any premium adjustments applicable on January 1, 2021 will be decided at the end of October.
“The change in the index for single room hospitalization is significantly lower than the change in the average reimbursement for this type of room,” notes Sandrine Noel, Director of Operations. “A revision of the method of calculating the medical index is necessary in order to better correspond to the real evolution. The work initiated by the FPS Economy to this effect in 2018 has unfortunately been interrupted.”

In Solidaris, the question will be examined at the start of the school year for a decision in September-October. “The choice of which index to use is made in the light of the specific results of our products and with a view to limiting the increase in our premiums to the strict minimum necessary.”

Finally, the Christian mutuality recalls that it only adjusts its premiums once a year, in January.

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