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Denver’s best restaurants

Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs

A gourmet hot dog restaurant probably isn’t what most people would expect at the top of a restaurant list, especially in a foodie city like Denver, but that shows you haven’t been to Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs. Yelp.com rated this Five Points food stand as the best restaurant in Denver. They serve 20 different dogs, all made with gourmet sausage. In addition to the hot dogs, Biker Jim’s has two burgers on the menu. The casual restaurant stays true to its roots. Biker Jim’s started when Jim Pittenger started selling dogs from a cart on a busy street corner. But these weren’t normal hot dogs; instead, they were often prepared with reindeer, wild boar, elk, antelope, pheasant or buffalo. As its popularity grew, a permanent home was needed. Enter the casual eatery on Larimer Street that still stays true to its street food vibe. Top your dog off with roasted onions soaked in coke and cream cheese, and you’ve had the full Biker Jim experience.

Pho 95

As the second best restaurant in Denver on Yelp.com, Pho 95 on Asian Restaurant Row is always packed. The stalls at this South Federal Boulevard restaurant are overflowing with pho fans sipping bowl after steaming bowl of various combinations of pho. The menu includes everything from tripe to meatballs to filet mignon, and each order of pho is served with an abundance of fresh accoutrements. The broth behind this noodle dish is homemade, fresh, and with strong, bold flavors like cardamom, star anise, and cloves, all of which help make Pho 95 worth every bite. The steak that comes out of the kitchen always seems to be a favorite, with customers raving about the spring rolls with grilled beef and the pho served with raw steak.

Green Kitchen

Vert Kitchen opened in 2009 in Washington Park and is all about real cooking with fresh, healthy ingredients. Noah Stephens is the owner and chef behind this sandwich restaurant that draws inspiration from old world influences and classic French techniques. Stephens graduated from the University of Denver and then went on to study at a cooking school in Paris. From this education, Stephens masterfully crafts a menu that seamlessly blends food, wine, and culture. Everything that comes out of the kitchen is 100% organic and in addition, Vert aims to use only sustainable meat and dairy products. Diners describe food as the heart and soul as the main ingredient and go so far as to say that it doesn’t matter what you order because every item on the menu is carefully crafted and elegantly presented at this spectacular Denver restaurant.

Café Gallo and Luna

The Golden Triangle Gastropub, Rooster & Moon Coffee Pub, is more than just a restaurant. Is Denver Restaurant is an all-encompassing hot spot, with a high-end coffee shop serving only the highest quality espresso drinks, a sandwich place using only certified organic food, and a bar where local musicians perform while beer, Wine and signature cocktails flow easily. Rooster and Moon Coffee Pub prides itself on its free wireless internet and abundance of outlets, so spend a few hours working, enjoying a cup of coffee and a heavenly sandwich. The service is fast and attentive and the atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming; the perfect place to have an intense conversation about local politics or the merits of a particular new band.

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