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“DIE.NACHT”: Christian Kern and Gexi Tostmann in “Willkommen Österreich”

Also on March 16 on ORF 1: reunion with the “Pratersternen” and the “broadcast without a name”

Vienna (OTS) As always, Stermann and Grissemann will review the highlights and political events of the past week in their “Romy” -nominated program “Willkommen Österreich” on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 10 p.m. on ORF 1. A review of political events of earlier days then follows with their top-class guests Christian Kern and Gexi Tostmann. Afterwards, at 11:15 p.m., Hosea Ratschiller welcomes Alex Kristan, Walid Azak, Maxi Gstettenbauer and Eva Maria Marold to the stage of the Viennese trendy pub Fluc. And at 11.45 p.m. there is a reunion with the “broadcast without a name” on the subject of “heaven” on the “DIE.NACHT” program.

“Welcome Austria with Stermann & Grissemann” at 10:00 pm

Christian Kern, the former Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria and ex-party chairman of the SPÖ, speaks about his eventful time in the highest circles of power in the country, describes the professional plan B according to the political plan A and could also make one or the other comment on the current domestic political Let the situation elicit.

Gexi Tostmann was also politically active throughout her life, for example for the anti-nuclear power movement, the Hainburger Au, an unconditional basic income or against Zwentendorf. The bustling entrepreneur and historian is best known as the “traditional costume ambassador”. In a talk with Stermann and Grissemann, she reveals what fascinates her about dirndls and lederhosen.

Romy 2021 – Votes for the ORF stars: You can vote at until April 5, 2021 who will receive the popular audience award. A total of 27 ORF stars or actors on ORF and four ORF formats have been nominated in the nine main categories. More information is available at

“Pratersterne” with Kristan, Azak, Gstettenbauer and Marold at 11:15 pm

Hosea Ratschiller welcomes you to “Pratersterne” from the Viennese Fluc: Alex Kristan ensures the laugh guarantee, Walid Azak lets the macho hang out in vain, but all the more amusingly, Maxi Gstettenbauer is amazed at the German-Austrian differences and Eva Maria Marold ends the evening musically and parodic.

“Broadcast without a Name – Heaven” at 11:45 pm

At 11.45 p.m. there is a reunion with the “broadcast without a name” on the subject of “heaven” on the “DIE.NACHT” program.

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