Email addiction: is it an addiction?

Email addiction: is it an addiction?

I recently had a discussion with my best friend about this very topic and I am going to share some things he said that really struck me and I know to be true. If he’s reading this and still in love with using email as his primary method of communicating with family and friends because everyone can see how horrible typing is, then you probably think you have one more tool, but you’re wrong. .

In fact, you are leaving your family, your friends and even your business behind and you have chosen to do so because of your addiction to email, it is good that you are addicted to it, not your family, friends and business. It’s great that you like it more than anything else because it’s not a good thing that you’ll be reading either…

You are addicted to the lack of writing it takes to stay connected with someone.

When it comes to staying connected with someone on the internet, when it comes to writing, you have to ask yourself if you are a narcissist, a sociopath or just an average person, it is not a question of can I write or do I not understand the words? writing is a matter of whether I’m good at it or not.

The truth is, you are not a narcissist and I know this because I have read hundreds of autoresponder emails and I know for a fact that when it comes to writing, it takes a lot more than just a message from a friend or family member. It’s a skill you’re good at because you’re good at something else, you’re addicted to the lack of writing it takes to stay connected with someone and you’re addicted to the lack of effort it takes for you to write, I know you. I have trouble with words and I know you are a good writer, so for you to write, I have to write too, because you can communicate with me just by writing. My addiction is greater than someone who just wants to stay connected. anyone via email.

The truth is that when you are addicted to email, you look in the mirror for answers because you are looking for the perfect self, which is the person you would like to be, and the email addict seems like a narcissist, a sociopath. or anhedonist that you are looking for the perfect self. It’s like when you’re looking for the perfect partner and you can’t find it and therefore you go looking for the attractive ones that you have in mind or the perfect personality traits that you think you need.

It’s like a person who uses a computer searches for an operating system because he doesn’t know what he wants, but he knows that he needs to know what he needs. A narcissist seeks to acquire an identity but is seeking an identity in a place that has not been created, not yet. They do not know what they want, they only know that they are being abandoned, abandoned and abandoned and that is why they are desperately looking for something to cling to and that is why they are looking for the perfect one, the just one.

When the internet or an email account becomes a crutch that you depend on to get by and when the addiction becomes so great that you really disconnect from your true self and start to believe that You have something to do. offer someone else who could never match you in any way, it’s time to assess your reasons for being on this planet. The addiction to the addiction to the addiction is what is leading you astray. It’s time to stop chasing the wrong things and start accepting the real you.

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