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Exercises to flatten the stomach: how to really reduce the waist

Whether you have a special event approaching that you need to slim down for, or after years of putting it off, you’ve finally decided to lose weight, the question remains, what are the best exercises to flatten your stomach to get the job done? ? What combination of exercises will produce real results as quickly as possible? The answer to these questions may sound a bit counterintuitive, but they are not exercises that target your core.

Many people are under the misconception that doing sit-ups and sit-ups diligently every day will result in a slimmer waist, but these exercises will not get rid of belly fat. If you have a layer of fat over your abdominal muscles, working them out with abdominal exercises will only make your stomach look bigger. The first thing you should do is burn off that layer of fat through cardio exercises such as running, swimming, aerobics, or even brisk walking. These are the most effective exercises to flatten the stomach. The more intense the cardio routine and the more consistently you follow it will determine how quickly you will lose weight. A particular type of cardiovascular exercise called interval training has been shown to be very effective at burning unwanted fat. To do interval training, your workout should involve different levels of intensity, such as walking backwards sprints, which involve running a certain distance, than walking backwards and then running again. Any cardio workout can implement interval training, just make sure your workout alternates between high activity and moderate activity.

There is one more type of activity that should be included in the exercises to flatten the stomach, and that is strength training. Weightlifting, circuit training, bodyweight exercises like yoga, Pilates, pushups, and lunges—basically anything that challenges your muscles. This type of exercise is extremely important for long-term weight loss because it builds lean muscle, which in turn speeds up metabolism. The best exercises to flatten your stomach are a combination of interval training and strength training. When you combine the two activities, your body becomes a fast-paced fat-burning machine, which will shrink your waistline extremely fast.

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