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Famous dads give push gifts; Join the trend

Rich celebrities are used to being gifted with expensive jewelry, and the trend continues until the day they give birth. Case in point: Pierce Brosnan gave his wife Keely three gold and diamond bracelets when their son Paris was born. Ben Affleck gifted his wife Jennifer Garner with gorgeous purple jewelry after she gave birth to their daughter Violet (who was reportedly brought back by the down-to-earth Mrs. Affleck). Sarah Jessica Parker received a beautiful charm bracelet from her husband Matthew Broderick when their son James made his debut. Other famous dads celebrate the arrival of their new babies by buying expensive jewelry such as diamond rings, diamond earrings, pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, and jewelry made from their baby’s birthstone for their wives and girlfriends.

Until a few years ago, these “push gifts,” so called because they are tokens of appreciation for work, were a first for me. All I got when I gave birth to my son was … my son. Not to say that I am not immensely grateful; he is my pride and joy. But a nice pair of diamond earrings or a pearl cocktail ring, let’s say, to show me that my husband appreciated my rough months of pregnancy and the even harder hours of labor would have been “ice” on the cake.

What made the lack of gifts worse was that many of my friends got dazzling jewelry from their appreciative and caring husbands. My favorites were a pearl bracelet, sapphire and diamond earrings, a yellow gold and diamond band, and a yellow princess cut diamond ring.

Poor thing, my husband didn’t know it was done.

Apparently he is not alone. Researching this article, I sent an inquiry to all the guys on my email list (whose wives can thank me later). Besides wanting to know if they knew what a push gift was, he also wanted to know if they thought the idea was heartwarming or silly. Did you pressure them? Was it just another damn thing they’d have to spend money on?

Naturally, the feedback I received was as varied as from the guys on my email list, which includes my boss, my coach at the gym, my brother, my best friend’s brother, my neighbors, my co-workers. and my dentist. to name a few.

First, for the sweet:
From Dave: “Yes, I gave my wife a gift. I didn’t feel pressured. She deserved it and more.”

From John: “I bought my wife a charm bracelet after the birth of our daughter Lindsay. I had charms for our two daughters.”

From Taylor: “Yeah, I bought my wife gifts both times in addition to flowers. The first time it was a cultured pearl necklace (as if she needed more jewelry). The last time it was a Kate Spade diaper bag.”

From Wayne, father of four: “Maybe for one or two, certainly not for all four.” [I certainly remember: Wayne’s wife, my friend Sandy, was the recipient of the highly coveted and aforementioned sapphire and diamond earrings.]

From Howie: “Considering that my wife had a C-section with both girls, is there a cut?” [Actually, there is, and it’s called a ‘cut your guts out’ present. My friend’s daughter Nicole got a sterling silver bracelet from her husband for her efforts].
“I gave my wife a birthstone for each girl, but forget about the idea of ​​’pushing the present’. Those nine months are the easy part. It is for the 18 years after that you have to give the gifts to your wife! Honestly, those two girls can yell! “

Dennis: “It’s funny, before my wife was pregnant I never thought of a push gift. My friend and his wife had a baby four months before us and his wife would surely tell my wife about this gift. It is not that I wouldn’t. I have given my wife and my son’s mother a great gift, but it was put into the realm of ‘did your husband buy you a diamond bracelet?’ It goes to show that keeping up with the Joneses makes some people do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. ” [OK, maybe this answer doesn’t technically fall under the sweet category as it’s got some ambivalence tossed in.]

“I’m not sure spending thousands of dollars on a gift is the best thing for the new family. Was this gift idea created by the diamond companies? So yeah, I got my wife a gift. Before even hearing about a push gift, I had my son’s birthstone in a ring and a necklace “.

From Paul: “I gave him a day at the spa.”

From Derek, “I gave him a Tiffany ring because it was a nice thing to do, he had heard, and because he deserves it.”

Now for the outraged:

From Ben: “No, I didn’t get my wife a push gift. The only thing I had in mind was to make sure all the important things were resolved. Adding something so stupid to this momentous event is ridiculous. The special gift is the gift of life and the creation of a human being. Now when I look back at those times, I wouldn’t even remember the insignificant gift. It sounds like a nonsense invented by a jewelers association. “

From Steve: “I agreed to fund the children for 22 years each. That was my gift.”

Peter L: “I’m not a big fan of the push gift. Does a woman give birth to a child and now expect a gift? While I have no idea what it’s like to be pregnant, I don’t know any woman. Sorry. The whole expensive jewelry thing doesn’t sit well with me. That’s what birthdays and anniversaries are for. ” [Thank God I didn’t marry Peter, not that he asked.]

From Dave H: When Meryl was born, I gave my wife a new bicycle chain for her road bike ($ 60 value) and installed it for her (free). It was the least he could do, since he had taken the chains. of all his bikes around the end of month seven when he refused to stop riding. She immediately started riding two weeks after taking our son out, and since she was lighter than I was used to, she was able to climb hills faster than I could. The good news is that she’s four months pregnant now and she’s slowing down more every day, allowing me to look faster. “

And last but not least, the clueless:

Peter C: “I can’t remember, but I’m sure I said something.”

Matt: “Whoops, was I supposed to give something? Why doesn’t anyone let us know these things?

Jim: “Color me without thinking. It never occurred to me.”

John S: “I must be a bad husband. Three kids in four years and I haven’t given Kim any gifts!”

What can a boy do?

Whether you agree with the boyfriends, cads, or are one of the clueless, consider yourself properly informed and remember that nine months of pregnancy capped by excruciatingly painful labor (not to mention sore nipples) is not a picnic. . It’s always good to be appreciated, especially when you’re a new mom, and your hormones are screaming? ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿?? ??? She used to be a carefree, sexy bitch, for Pete’s sake !!!
What’s more, jewelry that you give to your child’s mother can be passed on to that child when they get married or turn 21, for example. Best of all, you don’t have to spend thousands. Many quality jewelry pieces are as affordable as they are sentimental.

To help you get started, these are my favorite push gifts:

o Pearl Studs: Timeless and elegant, pearl studs go perfectly with bathrobes and spouts. Plus, high-quality freshwater cultured pearl earrings cost as little as $ 30 to $ 40 a pair.

o Diamond Earrings: A little more expensive than pearl earrings, sure, but diamond earrings are a jewelry staple. That means your efforts will not be in vain; these flares will get a ton of use. And you can have a good pair for less than $ 500.

o Birthstone Ring: There are many options and price ranges here depending on the stone and setting. (Leave out the diamond accents and it probably won’t break the bank.) Remember, a fancy ring can be given to your little one; so make sure you get something good quality that won’t tarnish.

o Nantucket Basket – A beautiful gold basket pendant necklace containing your children’s birthstones, the Nantucket Basket necklace is designed to be added to subsequent births. The necklace may seem expensive to you, but once you purchase the pendant, all you have to do is add the birthstones for each subsequent child. (Push the present out of the way forever).

o Mother and Child Pendant: The sterling silver version of this sweet circular pendant can be had for under $ 50.

o Charm Bracelet – The sky’s the limit here, but the initial investment shouldn’t be too bad. Like the Nantucket basket, this piece can be added on special occasions. Charms are priced everywhere; it is up to you what to spend. However, baby birthstone booties are a new mom’s favorite charm.

o Pearl necklace: traditional and classic, a pearl necklace is a great choice. If you have a girl, she can wear it in the future on her wedding day as something to borrow and as a reminder of how much her mother means to you. If price is an issue, akoyas and freshwater cultured pearl strands are the way to go. Save the pearls of Tahiti and the South Seas for when your shares are divided or your patent is approved. You understand.


Well, prospective parents, now that you know about push gifts, there is no excuse not to gift the mother of your children a small (or big) token of your appreciation. And no, you don’t have to be rich and famous like Matt Damon or Michael Douglas, or spend your savings for college in the future. There are many affordable gift options that don’t cost a bundle. Do some research on the internet and you will be able to find unique and meaningful jewelry that fits your budget. (Just be sure to gift wrap it. We hate it when you forget it.) And don’t worry too much because we won’t like it. It is really the thought that counts. Not so sure? I’ll tell you a little secret: if you really want a surefire way to be a hero in your wife’s eyes, change her diaper every now and then!

See current pearl jewelry push ideas here.

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