Finding a good SEO agency
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Finding a good SEO agency

Search engine optimization done right, often called SEO for short, is designed to allow websites to appear in search results when people search for products and services rather than just company names. The idea is that people looking for things online can find a business website without any prior knowledge of the business or its name. There are all kinds of tricks and techniques that go into SEO, but good sustainable methods (also sometimes called “white hat SEO”) are based on the idea of ​​making your website easier for people to read and understand. search engines, which means they rank you higher in searches for appropriately relevant terms.

It’s not uncommon to decide to outsource SEO to external marketing agencies and other companies, but there are just too many dodgy guys who like to take SEO-seeking businesses, especially local and small businesses, at a premium. So how do you actually go about finding a good, honest and legitimate search engine vendor?

It’s actually incredibly easy to find a decent SEO agency online. Go to a search engine like Google or Bing and type “SEO agency”. Ignoring the paid ads at the top, any business that has landed at the top of the search results is what you want – it needs to be pretty good at SEO or your own website wouldn’t be as high in the natural listings!

To narrow things down a bit, you could try broadening your search. Let’s say you live in Essex and want a local agency; just type “SEO Essex agency”. Or if your website is specialized and needs special help, you can add your industry or type of site: “SEO tourism” or “SEO e-commerce”, for example. This can be a great way to find niche SEO agencies that have specialized expertise in your field.

Sometimes SEO agencies (or at least people claiming to be SEO agencies) try to solicit companies by sending them emails or submitting contact forms with various incentives and offers. However, if you see something like this, it’s best to ignore it: if a company that supposedly specializes in search engine optimization is reduced to spamming inboxes for business instead of, say, doing SEO for that your own website ranks high and people. you can find them anyway, most likely they are not very good. The same goes for SEO services advertised in paid ads at the top of search engines or in banner ads on other websites. If their search marketing is good, why do they have to pay for their placements?

Another thing to keep in mind is to stay away from any SEO agency that promises you “top position for x keywords” or something similar. Almost all modern search engines use personalized search, which means that everyone sees websites in slightly different ranking positions based on their personal search history. Outright ratings are a thing of the past, anyone claiming to provide this type of service is outright lying. Modern SEO will use sustainable “white hat” techniques to drive useful traffic to your website, not exploits or dubious tricks, constantly slapping them with search engine updates like Google’s infamous Panda and Penguin algorithm changes.

Once you’ve found an SEO company that mostly looks good, you’ll need to ask them a few questions before jumping into their services. In addition to the usual checks like your existing customer list and testimonials, it’s a good idea to speak to someone directly on the phone or in person. Here are some good questions to ask them.

  1. Who does your search marketing work? Is it managed by internal staff? Do you do any subcontracting, especially to foreign companies? Many agencies outsource to cheap link builders in Asia who tend to produce very low quality work which can negatively impact websites in the medium to long term.
  2. How often do you report and what format do these reports take? Any professional SEO agency should provide regular updates to all of its clients, along with written reports detailing actions taken and progress made.
  3. What kind of skills and qualifications do they have? Take a look at your existing client lists for big recognizable names and see if they have someone who is qualified in Analytics. Some companies even use quality standards like ISO 9001, which is an excellent sign.
  4. What else do they do? Many of these companies are primarily website designers who are resellers of outsourced SEO services to increase their profits. It is better to look for an online marketing specialist to ensure that you get a good quality service.

If you don’t have the money to hire a professional seo agency other options are available. Some companies will let you pay for a one-time website review to make recommendations on how to improve your site from a search marketing perspective, or you can research current techniques and ideas for doing SEO yourself.

Many online marketing methods are, in fact, surprisingly simple. Increase your domain authority by getting other relevant sites to link to yours. Get a backlink boost as well as an overall marketing benefit from using social networks like Facebook. Keep your website filled with good quality, regularly updated content to encourage people to link to you and increase the visibility and relevance of the site. Use a good and solid SEO plugin for your content management system and make sure your website code is free of bugs.

Remember that you will get a natural boost from modern search engines if your website is

  • Well designed, easy to use and easy on the eyes.
  • Full of good, up-to-date, useful content designed for real people, not search engine bots.
  • Bug free, fast loading and no spam ads or buggy code

Happy website marketing everyone!

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