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Four-part “ORF III Theme Monday” opens the gardening season with a new documentary “The Truth About Urban Farming”

Also: “Garden Industry – Promises and Truths” and double documentary with Karl Ploberger; the evening before “MERYN on Monday” about tinnitus

Vienna (OTS) The corona crisis drastically restricts the radius of movement of many people. Those who can become productive in their own garden can consider themselves lucky. In the cities in particular, balcony and terrace areas are increasingly being used for growing vegetables. A four-part “ORF III Themed Monday” on March 15, 2021 examines the question of whether it is worthwhile to grow vegetables as a private person and reveals what to look out for.

In the morning, “ORF III AKTUELL” (from 9.30 a.m.) provides a detailed overview of the news. The evening before, “MERYN am Montag” deals with the question: “What to do with tinnitus?” (6.30 p.m.). Dr. Johannes Schobel, ENT specialist and tinnitus specialist. Then Andreas Jäger reports on success stories of innovative Austrian companies in a new edition of “Made in Austria” (7:00 pm).

At the start of the “ORF III Theme Monday”, designer Martin Pusch asks the question “Do your own gardening – is it worth it?” In a new documentary and reveals “The truth about urban farming” (8:15 pm). Tomatoes from the balcony, cucumbers from the self-harvest field, mushrooms from the cellar – urban farming is trendy, as more and more people are trying their hand at home-growing. Some believe that they have found the way to optimal nutrition and that they can save the climate with it. But is this form of food production really that sustainable? And is it worth planting and harvesting yourself despite small quantities? This is followed by “Gardening Industry – Promises and Truths” (9:05 pm). In this country, too, you can make an excellent contribution to people’s longing for the personally designed piece of nature. But how much do you have to invest? And: are all prices justified? From 9:55 p.m., the theme evening will be dedicated to the popular TV gardener Karl Ploberger, starting with “Cooking with the organic gardener Karl Ploberger”. Together with his daughter Karoline, the plant expert conjures up simple and quick delicacies – from cress soup to berry cocktails. Finally, Karl Ploberger gives tips and tricks about gardening in “Spring is back” (10.40 p.m.).

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