Great Sex – Here Are 10 Really Dirty Things Your Woman Would Like You To Do In The Bedroom
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Great Sex – Here Are 10 Really Dirty Things Your Woman Would Like You To Do In The Bedroom

Women really like DIRTY SEX. That’s the truth.

Being a boy is his role to give your woman the really dirty sex she wants and craves.

Before you read this list of 10 things you can do to make sex with your woman dirtier, keep in mind that they will all be more effective if you’re already having exciting sex with your woman (including giving her vaginal orgasms during intercourse).

10 Really Dirty Things Your Woman Would Like You To Do During Sex

1. Do it in front of a mirror

There’s something about having sex in front of a mirror that makes it really interesting and exciting, not to mention DIRTY.

Try it yourself and get ready to make your woman really “turned on”.

2. Play yourself in front of your wife

Virtually all women like to watch their man masturbate. You can make this fantasy come true for your woman just before penetrating her. (She might end up doing the same for you)

3. Do it somewhere you can get caught

It sounds crazy, but the thought of being seen or caught turns a lot of women on a lot.

Try a parking lot, a restaurant bathroom, or the beach (when the weather is nice).

4. Use some new positions

Make your wife ride you but don’t face her.

This position is ideal for dirty and naughty sex because you get a great view of your wife’s butt as she rides you (and she knows it).

As she rides you spank her ass and tell her how much you love being inside her.

5. Start talking dirty

It makes sex naughty, dirty, and so much more exciting.

That No like?

And the fact is that women need to talk dirty to be truly sexually satisfied.

6. Don’t always ejaculate inside her

Instead, try pulling out and ejaculating on your woman’s ass, stomach, or face.

Be warned: if you are driving your woman crazy and giving her GREAT SEX, she will love this. However, if you’re not, she won’t. Simple as that.

7. Leave her panties on

There is something very naughty about leaving your wife’s panties and having sex.

You whose You always have to be naked.

Try it and her for yourself.

8. Try role-playing

You be the cop, your wife is the ‘bad girl’.

Teacher, naughty schoolgirl.

Mechanic, woman who cannot pay for car repairs (so she has to pay in another way).


Use your imagination and role play is great fun and can be used to make sex really dirty.

9. Build anticipation

You do this by slowing things down and PROMOTING your woman.

Make her get on all fours and put her ass in the air and then SEARCH for her until she screams at you to take her from behind.

Then tease her some more.

Incredibly powerful.

10. Give her an anal orgasm

Do you want sex to be very dirty? and very gratifying for you woman?

Then give her an anal orgasm.

You can do this by stimulating her G-spot while your finger is in her butt. Just make sure you use plenty of lubrication.

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