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High energy flow is better for fat loss

Men and women normally think of a low calorie diet or cardio to burn fat when they want to get rid of ugly fat, they don’t think of Energy Flux. After looking in the mirror and seeing the love handles hanging from their belt, they say things like, “I need to go on a diet” or “I need to get in shape.” That is your first mistake when looking to shed ugly fat.

Dieting or exercising alone is not the solution to losing fat. You must combine both to get the results you want.

Dr. John Berardi uses a term called “Energy Flux” or “G Flux” to explain the correct combination of diet and exercise to shed fat and build an attractive body. In simple terms, Energy Flux is the balance between your energy intake (the food you eat) and your energy cost (the calories you burn).

Let’s look at different Energy Flux examples to find out which one is best for losing fat and building a body you can be proud of …

Energy flow example 1: eat little – exercise little

Many people live off little food and little exercise. Very little energy enters and very little energy is expended. This results in a fragile, skinny and weak appearance.

Energy flow example 2: eat a lot, get a little exercise

This example from Energy Flux is by far the most common example. A lot of energy is input and very little energy is used. The result of too much energy and too little spending leads to a surplus that the body stores in the form of fat. As you probably know very well, excess fat is not what you want if you want a lean, muscular, and athletic body. (If it were, almost everyone I know would be the picture of perfect health, fitness, and physique.)

Energy flow example 3: eat a little, exercise a lot

Now we are talking. This is where most people think their energy flow should be. After all, if Example # 2 is the worst example, then this “mirror image” should be the best, right?

Restricting calories through diet and using energy with exercise means that more energy is used than is available. This creates an energy deficit, which means that the body must burn fat for fuel. And this is great … at least at first glance.

But what happens over time is:

1) Drastically reducing calories also reduces performance.

2) Your body does not have enough energy to build muscle or make other changes to improve performance or appearance.

3) The muscle also sacrifices itself in the fight to provide enough energy to perform the high volume of exercise.

So the real result of this kind of long-term energy flow is a body that literally cannibalizes itself to maintain an energy balance, leaving you looking weak, scrawny, and tired.

So what is left?

Example of energy flow n. # 4: eat a lot, exercise a lot

If you eat a lot of healthy and nutritious foods and use this energy to do a large volume of effective exercise … what do you think happens?

Your body adapts to the higher level of activity by building muscle and making other physical changes, and the nutrients are available to make these changes. The result: an athletically muscular and fit body with extremely low body fat.

So lots of good food and plenty of exercise is the right energy balance if you want to burn fat AND expose a fit and muscular body. (This is the point, isn’t it?) As you can see, HIGH Energy Flux is the clear choice.

If you want to lose fat and the result of fat loss is an athletic, lean and strong body, then you must create HIGH energy flow. You need a lot of (good) energy to come in, and a lot of (good) energy to be expended. Don’t just go on a diet. Don’t just exercise. Combine a healthy diet and plenty of exercise for a high energy flow and get the fat loss results you want!

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