How to Get Washboard Abs – Really
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How to Get Washboard Abs – Really

How to get washboard abs? Well, it’s pretty simple to do. Diet until you’ve lost almost all of your fat, then do abdominal exercises to make your abdominal muscle stand out even more.

Look, it’s simple. But it’s not always easy, especially since it involves such rigid control over food, eating habits, and exercise. No BS, no specialized training or exercises needed, just self-control and determination.

Here are some good rules to follow to get ripped abs. They’ve helped me get marked, and I think they’ll help you too.

Eat fuzzy calorie foods

This is a good trick so you can eat a lot of food, but not a lot of calories. It will give you that nice feeling of being full.

Vegetables are the king of fuzzy calorie foods. Butternut squash is great for this, especially butternut squash and acorn squash: half a whole, large, baked butternut squash can be 100 calories. Maybe.

Now, I know that low carb diets give you a weight loss advantage by minimizing the hormone insulin. But, getting a six pack is all about shedding the last 5, 10, or 15 pounds of fat from your body, which should be done slowly and, as much as possible, in a way that is comfortable for you.

How to get washboard abs a week or two faster may not work for you. it might be better to go slow with a program that is feasible for you, rather than lose weight quickly with a program that is less feasible and less sustainable.

Make exercise a part of your life

Exercise burns calories, everyone knows that. But it also makes a lot of good hormonal things happen in your body, gives you a much larger calorie deficit to work with, and is a lot of fun.

When it comes to hormonal issues, exercise increases insulin sensitivity and can even help curb your appetite (although you should experiment a bit and find out which exercises are best for you). Exercise triggers tons of good hormonal things in your body that help you get in shape, beyond just burning calories.

It also gives you a greater calorie deficit to work with. I’m really short, 5’4″, so even with my muscle mass when I diet I don’t eat much (1200-1500 calories a day). If you exercise regularly, whether it’s dancing, rock climbing or inline skating, lifting weights weights, running, fencing or whatever: it helps you burn more calories when you diet.

And exercise is just plain fun! The social aspects, the physical aspects, how your mind works and focuses, and the endorphins your brain releases make you feel good.

If you have an active life that you enjoy, that makes the hardest parts easier to bear. especially dieting

oh and…

Don’t worry about abdominal exercises

What?! Am I telling you how to get washboard abs, and am I telling you NOT TO DO ANY ABS EXERCISES?!

Yes. You don’t need them, just lift with big lifts that work a lot of muscles and (ideally) lifts like the standing barbell press that require core strength.

When you lower your body fat percentage enough, you’ll get ripped abs. That is the most important part. The rest are just comments. There are a few more tips below to help you, but really you just have to get up and do it.

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