How to take advantage of a free iPad promotion

Are you one of the masses who are going crazy over Apple’s new iPad but won’t give in to the high price tag that comes with it? The cost of an iPad, at least $499, is a lot to have to pay! There really is a different way to get that iPad. How about getting a FREE Apple iPad! Yes, that means not even paying a red penny for it! Do I already have your attention?

Almost every time someone hears something like this, they find it hard to believe and somewhat dubious. It really isn’t and that’s too bad for them because these people are missing out on a big deal! They just don’t know that marketing companies give out very valuable rewards to testers for their help in trying out some of the best products that have just been released. When I say reward them very well, I mean to leave them owners of the product, the stock and the barrel!

They desperately NEED testers like you and me to do the post launch testing of these products to determine if these manufactured products can be better sold by making minor adjustments to advertising and marketing campaigns and possibly making product improvements. One of the great products that people are being recruited to try out right now is the Apple iPad.

Is that how it works. A predetermined number of iPads have been designated for the test for people who sign up for the test. Free Apple iPads will become the property of those who agree to take the tests privately, which means testing them and keeping the results to yourself – plus reporting them to the testing company, of course!

The giveaway of free iPads has resulted in a lot of goodwill for the company! How would you feel about a company that just gave you one of the hottest items on the market that costs a minimum of $500 for free? Pretty good, right? That goodwill achieved will provide them with many new potential buyers for their manufactured products in the future. It really is a win-win situation! Pretty terrible deal, right?

Most of the time, these free-to-try product offers can only be found during the first few months of a product launch. That’s happening right now for Apple’s iPad. It can come to an end at any time. As soon as the testing company feels it has enough test results to base its actions on, it will end distribution and testing of the iPads. Therefore, if you want to try the iPad and keep one, there is no time to lose. Sign up now if you really want that free iPad.

There are a few places to find these kinds of deals online, just be careful not to get scammed by a scam promotion. If they try to get you to send money up front before they are willing to send you the phone and give you their word to return it to you after you send the test results, tell them a resounding no! You would never see your money again! Go to the next offer! You don’t have to hand over cash to take the test, that’s crazy! However… If you can find one of the genuine deals online and take note of what I’m telling you, you can have that new iPad to go to the extreme in a few days!

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