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Increase in hospital and dental insurance premiums

From January 2020, the premiums for the three optional insurances of the Christian Mutuality (MC) in hospitalization (i.e. Hospi +, Hospi + 100 and Hospi + 200) will be increased by 1.26% with reference to the change in the consumer price index from August 2018 to August 2019.

The premiums for optional dental insurance the MC, Dento +, will also be increased but 4.44%, with reference to the variation of the global medical index for dental care. “There are no changes in the coverage and benefits of these optional insurances.“, specifies Joëlle Delvaux, her spokesperson.

New from Mutualités Libres

Same story for Dentalia Plus, complementary dental insurance from Mutualités Libres (Partenamut, Omnimut, etc.): premiums will be indexed in 2020 by 4.44% based on the evolution of the dental medical index for 2019.

Regarding evolution Hospitalia and Package H premiums (basic hospitalization coverage at a low price, editor’s note), these will remain unchanged in 2020. In other words, they will not be indexed. “On the other hand, those insured by Hospitalia will benefit from better coverage from April 1, 2020.“, according to the details of Steven Vervaert, spokesperson for Mutualités Libres.”In fact, they will now benefit from a ‘serious illness’ guarantee (31 illnesses covered up to 7,000 euros / year), pre-hospital care of 30 days, post-hospital care from 30 to 90 days, but also other improvements by removing certain ceilings.

On the other hand, Hospitalia Plus premiums will be increased by 10% for those under 25 and a maximum of 7% from 25 years of age.

That said, here too, we have planned improvements to our coverage from April 1: pre-hospital interventions will be reduced from 30 to 60 days, post-hospital interventions from 90 to 180 days while we will launch ‘Hospitalia Assist’, a new service. assistance in Belgium for cases of hospitalization (for one day) or serious illness. “For example, home help, child and / or pet care, school help, delivery of basic necessities, psychological assistance, etc.

And as for Hospitalia, there will also be other improvements next April for insureds thanks to the removal of certain ceilings.

Furthermore, Hospitalia Continuity, Medicalia and Hospitalia Ambulatoire premiums will be indexed at 2.08% based on the consumer price index for April 2019.


In regards to AG Insurance, an indexation of 1.73% (based on the consumer price index) will be applied to the premiums for the AG Care Hospitalization.

Same story for KBC. “The hospitalization insurance premium will be adapted to the consumption index of June 2019, namely 1.73%“, according to Ilse De Muyer, his spokesperson.

In Solidaris, “there will be no increase in premiums, excluding indexation“, specifies Bruno Deblander, his spokesperson.

Finally, on the side of Ethias and DKV, on the other hand, there is nothing to report at the present time.

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