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It is true! Chana Dal May Be Your Ideal Weight Loss Food

Today, obesity is a common cause of concern throughout the world. Processed foods, fast food and frozen foods have taken over our eating habits. As we deal with weight problems, we become prone to lifestyle-related diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. There are three main reasons for gaining weight, which are as follows:

• Sedentary lifestyle and decreased physical activity

• Eat processed foods

• Low metabolism due to genetic factors

Your mirror or even your scale will tell you that you have gained weight, but what are you doing about it? Weight control is in your hand. Make sensible changes in your lifestyle! Start by getting on a treadmill and while you’re sweating, start eating right.

Did you know that the humble chana dal is a great calorie destroyer and helps with weight loss? Also known as Bengal Gram, it is high in fiber and has a low glycemic index, making it easier to digest. Chana dal has a nutty flavor and smooth buttery texture when cooked. Use the organic chana dal variety for a healthier option and get ahead in the weight loss race.

Make the right choice:

Bengal Gram is a great choice on your weight loss journey, and organic chana dal is even better, as it’s sure to be pesticide-free and grown without chemicals. Eat it regularly and take advantage of its wide range of benefits.

Lose weight

Bengal Gram is loaded with soluble and insoluble fiber which facilitates the excretion of bile and leads to proper digestion. Insoluble fiber increases the volume of food, preventing constipation and facilitating the digestive process. Fiber keeps you full and therefore reduces feelings of hunger. Eat dal cocido or drink it in liquid form to enjoy all its benefits.

Boost your immunity

The presence of iron, manganese, phosphorous and magnesium in chana dal not only increases your energy levels but also increases your stamina. This helps you fight disease while staying fit and healthy.

fight diabetes

Bengal Gram comes with a low glycemic index and complex carbohydrates. Thus, it is slowly digested by regulating insulin and maintaining and reducing blood sugar levels. The high fiber content along with the high protein content also helps in better control of diabetes.

a healthy heart

With antioxidants, phytonutrients, magnesium, and folate, the Bengal gram is perfect for cleansing and strengthening blood vessels and lowering cholesterol levels. Eating bengal gram reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Superior dietary fiber prevents clot formation.

Benefits for women

Plant hormones and antioxidants are abundant in chana dal, which reduces the risk of breast cancer. It also helps in protection against osteoporosis and counteracts hot flashes in postmenopausal women. It is also beneficial for pregnant women as it prevents miscarriage.

Maintain a healthy gut with Bengal Gram:

The presence of fiber in chana dal helps maintain a healthy intestine by reducing constipation and facilitating the digestive process. It also cures diseases such as dysentery and diverticulosis. So make sure to include chana dal in your diet.

Get radiant skin with Bengal Gram:

It is called besan, which has been widely used in skin care since ancient times. Use face and body packs made from besan for smooth, blemish-free skin. Our skin is subjected to environmental pollution every day, which makes it dull. Besan containers cleanse the skin leaving it fresh and soft. Use organic chana dal to make homemade besan and use it to make your skin glow.

Use good quality organic chana dal in your life changing healthy eating plan for effective weight loss and weight management. Cook the nutritious chana dal with spinach or tomatoes; or add boiled dal to salads, curries and soups; or eat roasted chana dal for a snack on your way to your goal weight.

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