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Jury recommends 20 volumes of poetry for World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day, declared by UNESCO, is celebrated on Sunday (March 21). On this occasion, ten poetry experts in Germany (including the Austrian Germanist Daniela Strigl) selected 20 volumes of poetry from the new publications of the past year, which they find enthusiastic and particularly recommendable. The volumes are presented in short video readings on www.lyrik-empfä

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Cover of HC Artmanns “A moss green apple remained”

Among the ten German-language volumes of poetry is HC Artmann’s selection, “Remaining a moss-green apple”, recently published by Insel Verlag. Clemens J. Setz, who also wrote the epilogue, reads the poem “alanech fia dii” published in 1958 in the video. Among the ten volumes of poetry translated into German that are recommended is the volume “Die Kranken Wunder / La beatitudini della malattia” by the poet Roberta Dapunt, who was born in Abtei / Badia (Italy) in 1970, and is published in two languages ​​by the Austrian Folio Verlag. The poems in this volume revolve around the subject of dementia. The author reads herself in the video.

Further recommendations include Thomas Kling’s works in four volumes, “coming see. Lobgesang” by the German poet and translator Anja Utler, who lives in Vienna, published in Edition Korrespondenzen, and the volume “Le Soleil / Die Sonne “by Frenchman Francis Ponge, who died in 1988.

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