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Making the most of your timeshare at Anfi Beach Club

It is the dream of every traveler to have a luxury vacation in the Canary Islands, and there is no better place than the island of Gran Canaria to make that dream come true. The Anfi group has established numerous resorts in the archipelago and Anfi Beach Club is their most famous club in the Anfi Del Mar complex. You may be interested to know what is special about Anfi Beach Club. In this article, we’ll shed some light on one of the most luxurious resort clubs in the world. Keep reading to know more:

The Anfi Beach Club is the prime location for Anfi timeshares in Gran Canaria and is known for its panoramic views of palm trees, exotic and herbal plants, sparkling and fragrant flowers, mesmerizing waterfalls, and a bold cactus garden. The club treats its guests in the traditional manner of Spanish royalty and has become an obsession among many celebrities.

Anfi Beach Club offers guests the opportunity to soak up the sun amongst the extremely beautiful regions of the island that provide a natural tropical feel and truly relaxing experience. Guests can enjoy a peaceful and totally relaxing environment during their luxury vacation. The club also offers direct access to the soft white sand beaches that are just minutes away. The club is full of Caribbean flavors and has become a resort in recent times; the club is famous for its services and is always the best choice for family trips due to its children’s entertainment facilities available on sight.

The club has all the ultra-modern facilities for the accommodation of its guests. Large luxurious family suites, couples suites, and even princely penthouses are a jewel in the crown of the Anfi beach club and you can expect royal treatment on your visit. The decoration of the furniture is unique and fashionable. The breadth and degree of privacy provided are unmatched. It is no wonder that people from all over the world visit this club to be pampered by its charms.

Guests can choose to sit and relax on luxurious sun loungers or enjoy a cocktail with their loved ones on a balcony enjoying the scenery. The living spaces in all suites are beautifully furnished and well designed to host small parties and drinking sessions with friends. The entire suite has central air conditioning and the rooms have ample space, for food lovers an ultra-modern kitchen is provided consisting of modern conveniences such as microwave ovens, cooker, dishwasher, etc. You can pamper yourself and pamper yourself in the spacious marble-finished bathrooms and don a silky soft bathrobe after a soothing shower that will soothe all your worldly worries. This proves that the Anfi Beach Club is an absolute stress buster!

The club has excellent outdoor amenities such as large heated swimming pools, special jacuzzi and the impressive and beautiful tropical garden will send you to cloud 9. The club is also well equipped with entertainment facilities for children and adults, such as playgrounds, ping-pong rooms, and other activities such as beach volleyball, aquarium, yoga and a water gym. There is a special Benito club designed especially for children where they can have their own miniature version of the resort and enjoy some quality playtime. Given the very luxurious nature of the club, it has frequently been featured in the top 10 destinations in various travel publications and websites.

Therefore, the Anfi beach club is a must see on your next holiday in the Canary Islands.

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