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Mike Dillard on posture and magnetic sponsorship

The role of posture and the role it plays in the success of a home business is usually not on most people’s radar when they sign up. Very few, if any, budding entrepreneurs consider the importance posture plays in the success or failure of their business. On the one hand, most are so overwhelmed by their new opportunity and chance to strike it rich that, without exception, they overlook the one thing that will make or break their chances of success. Why dream if you don’t consider Mike Dillard’s simple yet profound concept of posture and how fundamental it is to magnetic patronage? Without it, any chance of joining the ranks of the 3% who actually make it is reduced to zero.

What I’m about to share with you are some of the key takeaways from Mike Dillard’s amazing book “Magnetic Sponsoring” which is what changed the “old school” approach to network marketing. It grew out of Mike’s 4 years of unsuccessful fighting in the trenches and it wasn’t until he finally realized that he didn’t want to spend the next 20 years calling prospects trash. This led to his discovery and mastery of the “Magnetic Patronage” Concept.

Basic to the attraction marketing concept is posture and how people perceive you as a leader, says Mike, “People don’t join your business, they join you.”People are attracted to others who convey leadership qualities and a high level of courage.

There are basically three categories of people, Alphas, Pre Alphas and Betas; His goal as a network marketer is to become what Mike calls a “Alpha Trader”.

The change from being Beta to Pre-Alpha or Alpha is a frame or state of mind. Mike Dillard goes on to say that the phrase, “fake it ’til you make it,” applies here, but don’t think that’s a lie, as it has to happen in the brain first, and as you fully internalize it, it’s who you eventually get. you become.

Your friends and family will challenge you at first, but every leader has been there and realizes that faith always comes before results.

An example of an Alpha, says Mike, would be someone who is very successful as an upline leader who lives in an abundance mindset and who is persecuted and followed by others.

To summarize what an Alpha is and why it is essential to acquire those characteristics.

  • “People are subconsciously attracted to them as they convey leadership qualities and offer a high level of personal value.”
  • “To succeed in network marketing or anything in life, it is imperative to strive for the Alpha mindset, as people are drawn to a leader who has value to offer them.”

If success in network marketing is your passion, then you should get a copy of “Magnetic Sponsoring” by Mike Dillard. It’s the bottom line for network marketing success and explains the role posture plays in any successful business.

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