My best friend stole my boyfriend – what should I do?
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My best friend stole my boyfriend – what should I do?

If there were two people on earth who wouldn’t want to see you hurt, they would be your sweet best friend and loving boyfriend. At least that was what you used to believe. But now your world is turned upside down when the same two people are causing you so much pain. The pain of betrayal by your most trusted people is devastating, to say the least. You are probably so angry that all you can think about is getting even. Take it easy, as being angry won’t do you any good, not that you care any less right now. But here are some things to ponder that will help calm your nerves and guide you to the best next steps to take.

1. There’s a joke that the best revenge you can get if a woman steals your man is to let her have him. The joke may only make fun of men in general, but when you think about it, if your boyfriend is capable of betraying you and leaving you, he is capable of doing the same with other people. So in a way, it’s true that the best revenge is to let your ex best friend have it and who knows, one day he’ll leave her for someone else too.

2. Be thankful that you can get rid of the wolves in sheep’s clothing in your life. That girl is obviously not your best friend and that guy is obviously not the love of your life. As painful as it may be, it’s much better to find out now rather than move on when you feel more comfortable in the relationship and find it more difficult and painful to deal with. So take this as a blessing.

3. Learn the lesson. Think about the relationship and see if you can find something wrong with it. What led your ex boyfriend to look for someone else? What quality in your girlfriend that she likes that you lack? When you become a better person, you do yourself a favor for your future relationship. It also opens the door to reconcile with your ex-boyfriend if you wish.

4. Forgive and forget. I can almost hear you say “yeah, sure.” The truth is that holding a grudge will not punish them in any way. The only person who gets punished for that is yourself and you really don’t need to be hit anymore. If it’s impossible to forgive them, at least don’t put more negative feelings on them. They really fail. You should at least forgive yourself. You may have done something wrong in your relationship, but the way it turned out is NOT your fault. Allow yourself to grieve a bit, then forget about it and move on.

5. It is possible that, for some reason, you want to get back together with your ex, for example, if you know that you did something terrible that drove him away and that you could have done differently so that he did not leave you. In that case, there is a very good chance that your ex still loves you and left just because there are unresolvable issues in your relationship. You can get him to talk to you openly, without your former best friend of course, and see if it’s possible to give the relationship another try. However, keep your emotions in check as this is very critical and you don’t want to waste your chances.

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