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Office humor: the fine line between a laugh and a pink slip

Humor can bring a breath of fresh air to a mediocre office environment. But when you do practical jokes in the office, you can definitely go too far. The following are some office jokes that are appropriate for the job, as well as some topics that have no place there.

The appropriate office jokes

The following are some funny office jokes that will not make you look for a new job.

Novel Jokes

This is where the traditional oversized pencil comes in. Take the novelty office item one step further: try a joke office stapler. There are some that emit a noticeable but harmless electric shock. Your stapler will never be lost again!

Gag signs

Try putting up a sign like “Please don’t feed the idiots” outside the IT department, or try a sign that says “Restrooms are closely monitored” that will make people look at it twice. Funny official looking joke signs can be some of the best office jokes.

Fake office supplies

Try replacing that frequently used office item with a joke duplicate. For example, pack a packet of tearless sugar with your other kitchen supplies and watch your coworkers fight valiantly to open it.

Humor with no place in the workplace

Following the line can be difficult, but the following are some guidelines about office jokes and humor that are completely inappropriate and that no one would be surprised to see you get fired.

Pranks that cause real harm

Sticking your co-worker’s phone to your desk can be fun, but always think about the long-term ramifications: Will this office prank really damage the phone, and if so, who will pay for the damage? While this type of joke can be a lot of fun, if there is going to be irreversible damage, choose a different good office joke.

Sex jokes

In today’s society, sexual harassment is taken very seriously, and many companies have strict policies. Any joke or joke that uses material with sexual content or that is based on gender or sexual orientation is taboo, even if those involved do not find it offensive. Your office is a group setting – consider all staff when planning a prank.

Ethnic and racial humor

Any professional will recognize the inappropriateness of jokes and jokes using an individual’s race or ethnic origin. What may seem like a harmless joke to you may be offensive to non-minority people and may even be illegal.

Doing the prank out of the office

Imagine this: you and a co-worker are fighting, it’s an office-appropriate prank war. Sounds like fun. But while you’re on the phone, that friend plays a prank on you and you lose a sale. It is not fun. Jokes that interrupt important tasks have no place at work and can make you look for more than a new friend.

There can be a fine line between the joke that makes you laugh and the joke that gets you fired. So, consider whether what you think is the best office joke that ever existed might actually lead you to look for another job.

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