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ORF III at the weekend: “We play for Austria” shows Thielemann’s Philharmonic concert with Bruckner’s 3rd Symphony

Also: four-part “zeit.geschichte” evening with, among other things, “Adolf Hitler – Everyday Life and Rise of a Dictator” in two episodes and a new edition of “Stars & Talents”

Vienna (OTS) The Romy-nominated series “We play for Austria” goes into the next round on ORF III Kultur und Information on Sunday, March 21, 2021, in the main evening with “Christian Thielemann conducts the Vienna Philharmonic”. In the concert from the Wiener Musikverein from 2020, on the occasion of Bruckner’s 125th anniversary of his death, his 3rd symphony is on the program. This is followed by a new edition of “Stars & Talents – By and with Leona König” with star violinist Lidia Baich and up-and-coming violinist Julia Dueñas. On Saturday, March 20th, “zeit.geschichte” will be dealing with Adolf Hitler and the Wehrmacht in the evening.

Saturday 20th March

On Saturday, the four-part “zeit.geschichte” evening will deal with Adolf Hitler and the German Wehrmacht. The program will begin with the two-part documentary “Adolf Hitler – Everyday Life and Rise of a Dictator” (from 8:15 pm). The first episode shows Hitler’s personal development from his childhood in Braunau through his time in Vienna and his experiences as a soldier in World War I to the writing of “Mein Kampf”. The second part (9.10 p.m.) begins with his appointment as Reich Chancellor in January 1933, which was soon followed by the arming of the German Wehrmacht. Then ORF III shows the documentary “Panzerschokolade – Crystal Meth in the Wehrmacht” (10:00 pm): In the campaigns of the Wehrmacht in 1939/40, countless German soldiers fought under the influence of drugs. In particular, pilots and the crews of armored vehicles used chemical aids that were officially given to them by their superiors. They were called “Stuka-” or “Göring pills” and “Panzerschokolade”, carried the brand name Pervitin and contained one thing above all else:
Methamphetamine. The evening closes at 10.55 pm with “Hitler – The Lost Tape”.

Sunday March 21st

At the start of Sunday, “ORF III LIVE” will broadcast a Catholic service from Graz Cathedral at 10:00 am.

The main evening is dedicated to Christian Thielemann and the Vienna Philharmonic. At 8:00 pm, the “Stage Experience with Barbara Rett” invites you to the “Scenery Talks”, in which the master conductor tells, among other things, about making music in the publicly empty Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein and his first experience with Anton Bruckner’s music. “We play for Austria” presents “Christian Thielemann conducts the Vienna Philharmonic” at 8:15 pm. On the 125th anniversary of the death of the organ virtuoso and exceptional composer Anton Bruckner, Christian Thielemann recorded all nine symphonies together with the Vienna Philharmonic. In this concert, which took place in 2020 at the Musikverein Wien, Bruckner’s 3rd Symphony – the “Wagner Symphony” – can be heard. At 9:20 p.m., Leona König brings two outstanding violin virtuosos together in a new episode of “Stars & Talents”: Star violinist Lidia Baich and 15-year-old up-and-coming violinist Julia Dueñas, winner of the “Golden Note” award in 2018 and 2020. At the end of the evening, ORF III will show the comedy “Katzenzungen” (9:40 pm) from the Stadttheater Berndorf 2014 with Kristina Sprenger.

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