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Paranormal conservators?

That title is something that can make you sit down and think for a bit. It’s also something that I’m personally happy to see more and more from people involved in the paranormal field. I am not a Paranormal Investigator, nor is it in my interest. I have always chosen to use my gifted abilities in what I do in the Paranormal field. But I am happy to see the beginning of what I would call Conservative Paranormal Investigators and also those with what I will loosely call ‘Psychic Abilities’ for those people who have them (I use “loosely call” as I don’t even like the word Psychic in my description staff).

With the number of years I’ve been involved in the paranormal field, all those years seemed like I was flying by myself on my commentary, insight, and insider knowledge about spirits, the paranormal, and more. Of course he could have gone the route many psychics and investigators take, that every hit in the dark must be a ghost or worse, a demon! Beware of the evil spirits you can access! Stay away from that evil Ouija board! Let me expel or chase away the Spirit, as I am more powerful than the spirit world. The list can go on and on, all you have to do is visit some of the forums for the paranormal field.

However, I feel like things are changing, they actually have to if the general public is to accept the fact that spirits are always around us and what we do in the paranormal field, instead of the hype that many have driven for a few years. now about the ‘bad things the spirits will do’. Sometimes it seems like it’s based on the latest ratings-seeking ghost movie or TV show. Paranormal conservatives are now coming out and advising people to view these paranormal activities as more spiritual encounters with higher beings.

Those Paranormal Curators who like me are now speaking out trying to help the general public think and maybe even tap into their own personal insider knowledge, instead of being led by those who may be using creepy hype to attract a following from the general public. general. There is even now a book on how to use the Investigator tools to create the illusion of ghostly activities and the book is called ‘The Other Side’. Creating the illusion of ghosts and paranormal activity is fine if you are taking groups to haunted houses or museums and want to become the ‘Who’s Who’ among paranormal investigators. But it’s a whole different factor if you’re called to a person’s home and you use the same illusion methods through the paranormal tools, because it’s wrong to put that kind of what may actually turn out to be fear, in the home. owners care, and I firmly believe that the Spirit World will have the last laugh at a later date with those who do.

I’m not a believer in the Ouija board, at least not in the “Watch out for that” preaching you see on a lot of the forums. I have yet to see the Ouija board move on its own without anyone touching it. I produced spirits in an area with people involved who felt and heard the spirits in the place, and they had a Ouija board sitting there with no one touching it and even though the spirits were present the planchette never moved.

The science world calls the planchette movements when individuals have their fingers on the planchette ‘The Automatism Theory’, the clinical term is ‘ideomotor response’. The point is that the Paranormal Investigators want their investigative work to be considered some kind of scientific work that they are doing, however, when the world of science speaks, many of the Investigators seem to rather follow what is more spooky and fear feed your warnings about using a ouija board. Personally, I want to believe in him, but if he’s supposed to be this great spiritual conductor, then I want to see the plane move on its own so that I believe in him. Even with my fingers on it and many times waiting over ten minutes for it to move, it just stays there.

Paranormal conservatives are now talking, as I am, that there are no demons, it is something that was created by Christians to keep people in line with the faith that is preached. I am catholic and I don’t believe in demons. The book and movie “The Amityville Horror” that was about the demons and all the horror going on in the house, was a hoax! Don’t take my words printed here as fact, go and do a search for the Amityville Horror Hoax, and then read about the court trial and those involved in the book and movie claiming in a court of law that it was a hoax. So what does that say about people who made a career and put many people on a pedestal, as experts in knowledge about demons who were there at the house in Amityville and their knowledge expanded to cover many other places in the world? ?

With what I do and how I do it, I try to make people experience the spiritual side. I couldn’t care less about your religious faith as it won’t matter when we go back to being spirit souls. The spirit world has allowed me to use my abilities to help them give people the belief that the spirit world is all around us. I don’t use any tools or gadgets. Even when I Consciously Channel items from loved ones who have passed away, I am helped by the Spirits and credit them for allowing me to bring to their living loved ones all that I can give them through my Conscious Channeling.

It’s a joy for me to see things start to change, to hear from the general public willing to accept more of what conservatives are saying about the paranormal and spirit world due to the fact that the general public was amused for a while with the really creepy stuff, but they seem to be feeling more what I’ve been saying since the beginning than what I’m doing. “The answers are simple, it’s just that they have been overlooked by those who seek more than the simple truth.”

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