Personnel – CEO Rauch leaves SAN Group after only two months

As CEO of Erich Erber’s SAN Group, Christoph Rauch is history again after only two months. Rauch is leaving the SAN Group with immediate effect. The company, based in Herzogenburg in Lower Austria in the St. Pölten Land district, did not provide a reason on Monday.

Christoph Rauch was CEO of the SAN Group for just two months. – © SAN Group / Marius Hoefinger

Erber thanked Rauch for “the good impetus” in the start-up phase. The SAN Group will be headed by the Executive Board, consisting of Erber, Kai Lie Chu and Peter Kickinger, from now on.

The SAN Group invests in companies in the fields of biotechnology, green energy, high-tech and real estate and has 200 employees. The owner of the SAN Group, Erich Erber, had sold the majority of his company group Erber Group for almost a billion euros in the previous year. (apa)

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