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Vorne und hinten schön anzusehen ist er, der Peugeot 508 SW, eingebettet in die Weinreben des burgenländischen Seewinkels.

© Zoller

From Gregor Zoller

Halbturn – Right now, when autumn is slowly giving way to winter, we summer people longingly leaf through the digital photo albums on our smartphones. The thought goes back to the beautiful moments that were experienced in the summer heat – this year mostly on home leave.

While browsing through this collection of photos, we come across an old friend: At the beginning of summer, we came to the TT-Test vehicle fleet, the Peugeot 508 SW accompanied us for two months through the warm season, including in the easternmost corner of Austria through the lowlands of the Seewinkel in Burgenland.

© Zoller

The exterior of the station wagon, which in the top GT Line variant made a really good figure dressed in chic white, was already praised in the last test report. It is always beautiful, sporty, elegant and also a bit futuristic. All in all, a stylish appearance with that certain something. And Peugeot has also packed that certain something in the interior:

The fully digital instrument panel can be personalized in various designs, the 10-inch LED screen for navigation and entertainment is also quite neat. These include the “toggle switches”, a series of easily accessible mechanical switches for quick access to the main functions of the infotainment system and the automatic air conditioning. Especially in times when everything has to be “touch”, these conspicuously designed buttons are worth a positive mention. Even more because they nestle in the attractive overall picture of the interior.

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Intelligent night vision system

Peugeot calls the whole thing “i-Cockpit”, with the i standing for intuition. Can you accept that the operation does not require a lot of instructions and very quickly feels as if you have known the car for a long time. The position of the smartphone charging cradle, which is supposed to recharge using induction, is a little less intuitive, which has taken the batteries away from the many photos and the obligatory Instagram posts on vacation. Because hidden under the center console is the berth, which also works technically flawlessly, but still invites you to forget your digital companion. Not bad on a summer trip anyway, but less practical in everyday life.

Much more practical and also quite impressive is one of the many driver assistance systems: Behind the title “Night Vision” there is an intelligent night vision system that shows the road situation in the instrument cluster even in complete darkness with convincing detail accuracy and speed.

The technology

Engine: 4-cylinder in-line

Displacement: 1997 cc

Torque: 400 Nm at 2000 rpm

Power: 120 kW / 163 PS

L / W / H:4778/1859/1420 mm

Weight: 1540/2146 kg

Trunk volume:530-1780 L.

Tank capacity: 55 l

Top speed: 226 km / h / 0-100 km / h: 8.4 seconds

Consumption: 4.2 l / 100 kilometers

Power transmission: Front wheel drive

Price: 45,850 euros

CO2 emission: 111 g / km

Pedestrians, other vehicles or – in our case – Pannonian hares are shown here together with clear warning signals. Together with collision and blind spot alarms, brake and lane departure warning assistants and a few more, the 508 SW comes with a comprehensive package of helpers that make a valuable contribution to the safety and support of the driver.

Visually extremely attractive

The bottom line is: This station wagon combines a lot, is visually extremely attractive, balanced on the drive side, sensible, but playful and has the charm of something special. The new plug-in hybrid variant is certainly still exciting here, but we are saving it for future tests.

In any case, there was also a little sadness when the chic Frenchman with a cheeky tail and a convincing overall package had to leave Tyrol and us again in late summer. But it remains the digital photo collection that brings back the summery “belle vie”.

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