Properties in North Cyprus as holiday homes

North Cyprus properties make excellent holiday homes due to their location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus is behind Sardinia and Sicily as the third largest island in the Mediterranean, and is mainly inhabited by Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

The geography of Cyprus is such that it will suit the tastes of literally everyone. It not only has the famous beaches, but also hills and forests, wooded mountains, and pristine bays. The complete lack of commercialization makes the northern part of the island a paradise for tourists, but also ideal for those who wish to buy property in North Cyprus and move permanently to the country. Some do it simply to quietly retreat from the hustle, bustle and noise of Europe’s busy towns and cities. However, the area is also becoming increasingly popular with North Americans looking for properties that meet their exacting needs.

The beaches of North Cyprus are very safe and consist of miles of golden sand. They are also very clean. North Cyprus properties are highly desirable despite their prices being easily the cheapest on the Mediterranean coast. You can buy a pool villa for less than $200,000 and a four-bedroom house for less than $300,000. The reasons for the low prices are because the north of Cyprus is not as developed as the south of the island and the cost of living tends to be slightly lower. Prices are in line with this, and property has always been less expensive in the North.

Many people who are looking for a house and want to buy a property in North Cyprus prefer to pass the hard work to a property developer who has already carried out all the legal searches. Developers offer fabulous properties in prime locations, and these North Cyprus properties are highly sought after. However, the prices are such that they are relatively cheap compared to normal prices in the UK and North America. The North Cyprus Development is built to the strictest regulations and also offers many services and resources that could only be available from a community style development.

Some of the developers offer viewing tours at low prices and also a refund of the tour price if you buy the property. Typical North Cyprus properties include four-bedroom villas and apartments with private and community pools. You get what you pay for with a property in North Cyprus, only here you have to pay less.

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