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Pulling the plug of your toaster

Debating whether or not to unplug your toaster may seem a bit trivial, considering all the other things most of us are thinking about these days. On the other hand, avoiding a house fire might not be so bad by doing something as trivial as unplugging a toaster, considering all you have to lose from this kind of disaster.

Recently, one of our staff members warned about a house fire that could have started with her toaster. A toaster that was not in use. While preparing breakfast, she was distracted by a strange noise coming from her toaster. Knowing it was nothing, he dismissed the sound. Just minutes later, he smelled smoke and realized it was coming from his toaster. He quickly unplugged it and tossed it outside in the snow.


According to Consumer Reports, your experience is not as unusual as you might think. In their February 2008 issue, they say that leaving a toaster or toaster oven plugged in, even when not in use, is considered “risky behavior.” A series of recalls over the past 10 years support this theory. In March of last year alone, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of 482,000 Hamilton Beach and Proctor-Silex toasters because the toasters “can remain ‘on’ (energized) after they appear and can ignite flammable items. covering or in contact with the toaster, posing a fire hazard. ”


So before you dismiss the idea of ​​unplugging your toaster as reactionary or even a bit obsessive, maybe you should consider the risks. What if our staff member hadn’t been in the kitchen or even home when his toaster spontaneously turned on? Or worse? What if she and her family had been sleeping? By simply unplugging your toaster, you eliminate all risk of danger to yourself, your family, and your home.


Consumer Reports agrees and advises people to use common sense and be safe just by unplugging the device. “Most people know to unplug heating appliances after use.” If you really want to walk on the wild side, try an adventure sport. Just be sure to unplug your toaster before you leave.

If you have any questions or would like more information on how to prevent home fires or minimize home hazards, please call us at Fort MacLeod Agencies (1.866.333.3717). We will be happy to chat with you.

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