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Replacing a frozen meter costs 181 euros

As winter approaches, or at least when temperatures turn negative (as expected this Wednesday), consider caulking your water meters and pipes in a room where the temperature could go below zero, according to the advice of the Walloon Water Company (SWDE). In fact, freezing weather can cause damage to water installations.

A frozen meter can cause leaks “, explains the SWDE. “These can lead to an unwanted increase in the amount of your water bill.

€ 181


The cost of replacing a water meter.

For example, a “dripping” leak represents a loss of 4 liters of water per hour (or 700 liters per week).

Furthermore, “during thaw, the leaks caused by the degradation of the installations do not only cause material and financial damage to the occupants of the dwelling concerned. The supply of the entire neighborhood can also suffer. Indeed, the quantities of water lost can disrupt the supply over an entire distribution network.“.


Citizens are therefore advised to protect water meters and pipes, while ensuring that the material used for insulation does not absorb moisture. Here are some very simple tips and tricks to implement in the video capsule below.

How to protect your water meter from freezing?

Insulate or drain water pipes exposed to frost in good time, in particular drain water and central heating installations when a building (an annex) remains unoccupied during the winter unless care is taken to maintain it. sufficient temperature to prevent freezing.

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